Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vacation - Day 1 to Day 3

Time for a vacation recap!!! This year we decided to travel down to Alabama with a stop in Bristol, TN and Gatlinburg, TN.

And here we go!!!

Day ONE - Friday

Today was the kids last day of school!!! YEAH!!!! (sorta..LOL)

The kids got home from school and we took off!! We left here about 345pm and had a very uneventful drive to Bristol, TN to my cousin, Joe's, house. We got there around 1015pm. We chit chatted, ate some Taco Bell (classy) and headed off to sleep.

Day TWO - Saturday

Today we headed to ALABAMA!!! We left Joe's house around 1045 and ended up at my cousin Kim's house around 3pm. Right after we got there we headed out for her kids birthday parties are a jumpy / gymnastics place. It was so much fun for everyone!!

After that we chilled at Kim and Dave's house where they showed us around the grounds and told us all about the really fun fire ants. I was pretty much terrified at this point to even go in the grass.

The rest of the night we just chilled with family and had some fun and let the kids play and play.

Day THREE - Sunday

Today we had the pleasure of going on a river boat on the Coosa River. My aunt and uncle reserved it for just our family. We packed some lunch and some drinks and headed on out!!

The family had a great time catching up. The little cousins had a great time playing. And the little cousins all got to drive the big boat.

After the boat ride we got all packed up and headed out swimming with a bunch of us. Again, the kids had an absolute blast.

Later that night we chowed on some AMAZING pulled pork that Dave had smoked earlier that day. It was beyond delicious!! I ate probably waaaaay to much. Oh well, as my friend Jordan would say "YOLO!!!!"

Chase also got his FIRST motorcycle ride today. After he was done Dave came over and said that Chase was whispering in his ear the whole time "this is awwwwesome"  It's great to see him so excited.

Well, that's it for today. I have a ton more pictures that I could put in here but I don't want to overload everyone. LOL Tomorrow Day 4 - 6!!!
Goodnight y'all......


Scope said...

Spent some time in 'Hama 'Bama myself.

Always had a good time.

But that was before I got married. :-)