Monday, May 13, 2013

So far for the month of May....

I am such a bad blogger. UGH. It's just like Facebook. There are days where I have so much to day or so much happens. Just like blogging, sometimes I can bust out post after post after post. And then there are times like this where I don't have really anything to say.

Ok, that's a lie. I actually have a ton to say, a ton of posts just sitting here. Ever since I made my blog "public", you know to my real life friends and church and family, there are just some things I want to post but can't. I have at least 15 posts just waiting to hit publish. I am so afraid of hurting or offending someone that reads it.

So I am just going to stick with generic posts for awhile. I still wrote everything down in my "diary" so at least it's off my chest. Just can't hit that stinking publish.

So now I'm just going to share what's been going on around here the past couple weeks.

Mother's Day - visiting my grandma at the nursing home. They had an entertainer who sang and we had some pretty yummy cake.
We also took my mom out for lunch / breakfast after church. We ate like pigs...LOL

This is the poison ivy / oak I got sometime last Saturday, like Saturday the 4th. UGH I have no idea where is cam from and it's apparently never ever ever going away (and yes, I need to shave, oh well)

My new skirt from Target I got for Mother's Day. I also got a pair of shoes, flowers, necklace holder thingy and an earring holder thingy. Oh, and Matt's is making me a fabric covered headboard!! WOOHOO!!!

The same day I got poison ivy/oak/whatever, I also got an ear infection. I went to urgent care on Sunday and got antibiotics. It took some of the pain away but by Friday I still had a lot of pressure, fluid and my ear was still all the way plugged. The lovely (sarcastic) ENT gave me some steroids and sent me on my way. Currently it is 9 days later and my ear is still plugged, little pressure and constant 24/7 ringing. Just great!

Here are my boys decorating me Mother's Day cakes at our local grocery store. Let's just call this the "before" picture.

And here is the "after" picture. Let me explain a little. We woke up Saturday and had some errands to run including the grocery store to decorate cakes. As we were running errands the boys were getting a little crazy and not listening. Fast forward to coming home..... we then had some housework to do including the boys cleaning up their rooms and the play room. The above picture is a result of them NOT DOING ANYTHING!! I got so upset. I did not yell. I did not cuss. I calmly told them to leave the room and proceeded to box up everything last fun thing my boys have. ALL OF IT. My boys have nothing. They are going to have to earn everything back little by little.
Yep, and that was this Saturday. The day before Mother's Day. I am pretty sure they still hate me and I am pretty sure I still feel horrible for taking away everything they own.