Sunday, August 5, 2012

In his time....not mine

As I am losing weight and eating right there are some not so fun things that have been happening. Let me form a list for you...hahaha

1. my body freakin hurts, hurts all the time

2. runners knee

3. boob pain (you know, for all the movement)

and last but not least.....

4. Plantar Fibromatosis, you can read about it here. I have researched alot on the lovely Internet about it and this website may not be the best medically but it explains it in terms that even I can understand.

Basically I have (hopefully) non cancerous tumors on the arches (or plantar band) of my feet. They are painful, like really painful. The doctor thinks I may of had them for awhile but with starting running it made them aggressive.

So here's the deal....for now I have to hook my feet up to a TENS unit for 30 minutes every night. Basically I am giving my feet electroshock therapy. See awesome picture below.

 Then I have some pain creme that so far does NOTHING that I rub on as needed.

On top of that I am getting some really cool shoe inserts to help. Let me tell you, I cannot wait till I get to look cool like my grandma. I am really going to love to not be able to wear any of my flip flops, sandals or flats. I am totally going to rock the grandma shoes....oh yeah baby.

So I have to do this for however long I want. The tumors could shrink and possibly go away BUT it will just make room for new ones.

This is something that will never go away, ever. Well, unless I have the surgery. Oh yeah, I was saving the best news for last.

So the doctor was telling me all of my options. Along with the above I also have the option of the cortisone shots and I straight up said "HELL NO!!". Luckily the doctor agreed and said it does not have high helpfulness.

The second most aggressive treatment option is to go in and surgically remove each tumor as I get them. Like, for the rest of my life. Ummm, ok....NOT. I really do not feel like having surgery like ALL.THE.TIME. No thank you.

The third option and also the most aggressive (of course it''s the option the doctor suggested since I seem to have aggressive growing tumors) is to have the entire plantar band removed from each foot. The plantar band is what the tumors are growing on, so you remove that you remove the tumors.

Basically this is going to be a cut from bottom of my big toe to almost the end of my heel, they will remove the band and sew me back up. Recovery time is about 12 flippin weeks PER FOOT. Oh and he won't do both feet at once unless I agree to go to a rehab / nursing home type facility until I can walk.

After the surgeries I would have to wear some sort of inserts like for the rest of my life.

As you can see my husband and I have some major decisions to make. It's just not about the surgery but it's about being off work for 12 weeks per foot, it's about who is going to help with the house and the kids since he works 1230-900p. There are a ton of things to figure out.

I'm scared. But I'm good. I have my God with me and I know he will guide Matt and I into the right decision. I know he will. What needs to happen will all happen in his time, not mine. I just have to remember that. And to pray for clarity.

(as a funny side note, before I posted this I did spell check, I spelled aggressive wrong EVERY single time throughout this post...I am just that awesome)