Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vacation - Day 4-6

I'm back to bring you vacation days 4-6!!!

And here we goooooo!!!!!

Day FOUR - Monday

Today was a HOT day!!! Well, we are in Alabama so of course it's hot.

We got a slow start to the day. We chilled around and drank coffee and that sort of thing. We spent awhile figuring out who was going to be doing what since there was so much of my family in Alabama this week.

It was decided that a bunch of us would go to Mt. Cheaha and the rest would go tubing on my uncle's boat.

Mt. Cheaha was really a fantastic place. We climbed up the mountain to the highest point in Alabama. A certain cousin of mine said it would be perfectly fine to wear flip flops because the hike was not that long. Um, yeah right. I think I almost died like 10 times. After we hiked to the highest point, the kids took off hiking and of course we had to follow. At some point I thought that we were going to far down the mountain. Yep, I was right. I about died of an asthma attack trying to hike back up the mountain in flip flops. Oh, and something big and black bit my foot. It hurt. That is all.

After the hike, we took a minute and ate our picnic lunch while the children ran around like a bunch of crazy people. After lunch the guys and gals went our separate ways. My cousin, Kim, and I took my boys and her boys down to the lake to swim and do the playground thing. The "men", Matt, Dave, Joe and Zane went off to shoot some guns and stuff.

After all the extreme hiking in flip flops, I was ready to chill. And we did just that. We headed over to my aunt's house and had a cookout. It was nice, relaxing and best of all in the air conditioner.

This is the hike as we were just starting.

Almost the whole family (Emma went tubing). Highest point in Alabama

I am in LOVE with this picture of Matt. So in love.

Right before we headed off to hike. Had i known what I was getting myself into I would of turned around. LOL

Dave put a snake skin on me and I almost died. For real. 

The boys climbing rocks and trying to give me a heart attack.

Day FIVE - Tuesday

ANNIVERSARY DAY!!!!!! YEAH! Matt and I made it 8 years without committing murder!!! That is such an accomplishment. Seriously.

We had a very laid back day. It was kinda awesome. We spent a relaxing morning just chilling around the house drinking coffee. Since it was our anniversary we decided to go out for lunch. Dave offered to watch the kids and of course they wanted to stay so it was just Matt and I. We went to a chain restaurant where we had the worst lunch ever. EVER. It was so bad that all we could do was laugh. We asked for soup, we got salad, I ordered one thing, she brought me something totally different. Just a crazy messed up meal.

Next we decided to check out the Bass Pro Shop. We were only able to stay about 15 minutes because I kind of mixed medication that I shouldn't of. I didn't know they could interact but they sure did. Matt practically carried me out because I was pretty much unable to walk.

We headed home and I headed into the bedroom to lay down for awhile. I guess that did the trick. By dinner time I was up and feeling much better.

We got a sitter for all the kiddos and headed out to a local Mexican place for dinner. Just me, Matt, Kim and Dave. It was so nice, quiet and relaxing. We ate, we drank, we came home.

Before we left we told the kids if they cleaned up all the toys we would have smores and that's precisely what we did. Ate smores among all the the bugs. EWE!!

The only picture I took today.

Our 8 year Anniversary photo (yes, I know it was from the day before but oh well, close enough)

Day SIX - Wednesday

Another relaxing chill kind of day.
Me and the family went back to Bass Pro Shops since my visit was cut short the day before. This time ALL the kids went and Dave and his boys. We had such a great time just browsing and looking at all the animals.
After that we hit up the outlet malls. Momma got a new Coach purse (sorry, forgot to take a picture).
All the kids got a bunch of new books.
Then we went to lunch. We went to lunch at one of my favorite places, Cracker Barrel....yumm!!!!
After that we went and spent some time with my aunt and uncle. My uncle took my boys and Matt on the boat and let them drive it. They were in heaven. I stayed back and spent some time with my aunt and my cousin, Megan.  We gabbed, we shopped.
***This whole time in Alabama has been completely different then back in Ohio. Life seems to be slower. People are VERY friendly, even the employees at WalMart seem to like it. Everyone called me "sweetheart" or "baby" or the dreaded "ma'am". That one was the hardest to get used to. Can't say that I ever did get used to it.
Well, that's enough for now.....next up in the end of our vacation in Gatlinburg, TN!!!