Friday, October 19, 2012

I have never felt more alone then I do right now. I may be surrounded in a house full of people, but it's still lonely.

People talk to me at work or church or even text and such but I feel so alone.

I really need someone right now and everyone is just so busy. Even the people who tell me to call or text or come over anytime, are too busy.

I understand people are busy. I'm so busy my head spins most days.

Not sure what is going on. Not sure why I feel so alone. Not sure why I can't talk to anyone. Not sure why no one is there.

But that's just what happens. I seriously think it's me. I find myself to be fun, straightforward and open. But maybe other folks see me different. I don't sugarcoat issues. I don't pretend my life is great when I'm having a bad day. I comfort those in need around me. I drop everything for someone who needs someone or something.

But why when I need someone, I still here all alone. Why when I try reaching out no one ever hears?

I just don't understand what it is that people don't want to be around me? Why am I not included in things? Why am I the one always not invited? or forgotten?

Like I said, I just feel alone right now. Every has these lives that are going on and I am just chillin here on a Friday night in my room with my door shut all alone.