Thursday, August 18, 2011

8 Months Later......

Ummmm has it really been 8 months since my last post??? Wow...
I am still living..taking each day one at a time.
So a quick summary of 2011....
January - nothing..cold and boring month
February - got a new laptop and got fired from my job
March - VEGAS BABY and took Landon to Florida to visit my brother (posts to come)
April - Baby girl Emma turns 9 and started my new job
May - celebrated my 6 year wedding anniversary
June - Landon lost his very first tooth
July - Boring month...did nothing but work, clean, cook, and take care of the kids
August - Celebrated my 31st bday, took a mini vacation to Idlewild Park in PA
and that about sums up the past 8 months, So how has everyone else been? I miss blogging. I am definitely going to make a commitment to at least one blog a week starting now.
There have been alot of ups and downs with me. I have been struggling with so many things. It's hard to be a full time working mom and now I have the kids cheerleading and football thrown into the just got harder. oh, goes on and I got to figure out a way to deal with it. I did make the big decision to go off all my meds. SCARY!!! The withdraw was horrible and I really didn't think it was ever going to end. But I did it. SO now I am trying to live my crazy life med free. We will just have to see how this goes.
I tried to quit smoking. I quit for a whole weekend. EPIC FAIL. I am just not ready to quit yet. I will get there, but in my own time.
Weight loss thing is a downer....might as well just call it what it is...weight gain but telling everyone that I am the same weight. Although I have decided (after talking with my husband) to look into having the LapBand procedure done. I am really excited about that possibility. We will just have to see where that takes us.
Kids are still crazy as hell. Emma's starting 4th grade and has to wear s sports bra now. Landon is starting kindergarten and has already lost 2 teeth and is riding a 20 inch bike. Chase is starting his last year of preschool and is FINALLY coming out of his shell. That kid has quite the personality, I love it.
Well, it's about that time for me...promise more next week....might even be like an actual subject or something not just a ton of random thoughts