Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Random Wednesday Thoughts.....

  • Honey Smacks are the best cereal ever.

  • Taco Tuesday has turned into left over Wednesday which means we all know what is coming on Thursday.

  • Having big, wide feet really stinks. I cannot find a pair of certain shoes to save my life.

  • Biotin is helping my hair grow nice and long and strong. Also noted my leg hair is approx. the same length as my head. No one bothered to mention ALL my hair would grow nice and long and thick. Thanks dudes. And, yes, I will shave before vacation in 25 days.

  • How is possible someone can lose 50 lbs and still be the same boob size. I am sort of bummed. These babies need to shrink.
  • I really hate I come up with all these great ideas when I am falling asleep. In the morning I wake up knowing I had some terrific ideas but can't remember a darn one.

  • Speaking of Taco Tuesday, for the life of me I cannot stop eating the taco meat. I would rather have all beans, but the OCD rule follower in me states that a taco salad must contain taco meat. )I understand that statement made me seem like I am off my rocker)

  • I love when my cell is fully charged. I am ok even when it gets down to 80%, now 70% I start to panic just a tad. 60% - I MUST FIND CHARGER!!

(hmmm, maybe I should stop writing now, I think it's making me look a little nuts. Ummm, yeah, I really don't care. I know I am a little more "special" than others and I am totally cool with that)

  • Depression sucks. Take it day by day, sometimes minute by minute. Today I kicking depressions ass. For real.

  • I am awesome.

  • Emma just sent me a text asking me not to forget to pick her and her friend up from school today. I replied "Maybe I will. Maybe I won't" I am sure racking up points for Mother of the Year.

  • Last week while shopping with the kids (Matt was not there) a pretty good song came on and I felt the need to "break it down", well Chase decided that was super embarrassing and literally ran away. I had to stop the awesome dancing and ask Emma to go find my lost kid. How many points do I get for this? #motheroftheyear
  • We have hit the point in the school year where I no longer go through backpacks daily. Ooops. Whatever. Don't judge me. So now the boys are turning stuff in late and blah blah blah. I am just done. When do I get my break???

  • I am sort of mad at my kids doctor. Chase does not eat pretty much at all. Dude went to bed without eating again last night. So I asked the doctor about it. First, he yelled at me for giving him nutritional shakes. He said they are full of junk. Next he told me to stop forcing him to eat. Even fruits and veggies. He said put it on his plate, if he eats then good, if not, oh well. Well, Mr. Doctor Dude, I cannot do that. I feel so quilty. So, yeah, Chase may be eating PB&J every day but at least he is eating, right??
Well, since I am currently at work maybe I should stop typing a blog post and maybe, just maybe try and get some work done today.

HAHAHA, after she came over and brought me a ton of her old clothes

We painted the boys room orange, I made some camp curtains (I realized I hate sewing)

I cannot wait to say this to Emma one day.

Any given day this is us. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Love you all!!