Friday, June 12, 2015

Ummm, I'm still here...maybe......I don't know......send coffee please

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I's been like for ever since my last post. I'm sorry. Life kind of got in the way.

So now I will proceed to bombard you with all the major happenings since mid-April. #sorrynotsorry

My kids finished school. They all had fantastic report cards.

Chase is moving up to 3rd grade!

Landon is moving up to 4th grade!

Emma is moving up to 8th grade!

Speaking of in the world is this her last year of middle school?? I'm so confused. Just like yesterday she was in 1st grade. And this time next year I'll be writing about her going to HIGH SCHOOL!!

In other Emma news... SHE MADE THE 8TH GRADE CHEER SQUAD!!! My poor kid was so so so sick the weekend before. Like I have never seen her that sick in her whole life. In order to try out for the team she had to be at school. We left the decision up to her. I was not going to make her one way or the other. That girl sucked it up and went to school like a boss. Then after-school  3 of the days she did the cheer try outs. AND MADE THE TEAM!! So incredibly proud of her!

Last bit of Emma news - SHE IS OFFICIALLY A TEENAGER!!! Eeeeekkkkk. #sendhelp #imscared

Emma after her 3rd ear piercing!

Landon had the most bestest school of year yet. He had an awesome teacher who knew how to get through to him. We virtually had no school issues this year and his grades were very good. He is still in counseling and all that jazz and I think it's starting to pay off. Although with school being out and him finding new routines has been quite a little challenge for us all.

Sometimes I wish Landon would use his powers for good instead of evil........ #kiddingnotkidding
I wish Landon could see all his potential like we do. He is such an amazing kid. Sometimes when he gets in trouble I will find him in his room crying. When I ask what's wrong he says things like "I just don't understand why I can't be good", "I can't stop making bad decisions", etc. Breaks my heart.  So we are just going to keep praying for our baby and continue his counseling (with the best counselor ever!)

Any who - enough about the stuff we are struggling with  - this is supposed to be a happy post!

Landon decided he wanted to paint Daddy's toes green (his most favorite color)!

Last but not least we have our baby, Chase. Well, I guess he isn't so much of a baby anymore. Boo. 
Chase had a terrific year with his class and teacher. She kept us well informed of any issues and his progress. See, Chase takes after his dad in the reading department. He hates it. He despises it. Sometimes he just flat out refuses! So to help solve this issue he reads WITH his dad. 

Not too much going on in the Chase department. He still plays basketball any chance he gets. 
He is also a hoarder in training. This kid has so much stuff or all kinds of stuff. Boxes and bags filled with all kinds of crazy stuff. 

Chase and I being our normal crazy selves.....

In May we got to celebrate the wedding of a dear friend of mine. I have watched this woman grow by leaps and bounds. She is such a amazing person and I am so glad to be her friend. 

Pre Wedding Selfie

Me and the oh so beautiful bride!

And there you go folks. A little update into our lives. Next up  - #WolfeFamilyVacation2015 (Alabama Edition)