Friday, October 19, 2012

I have never felt more alone then I do right now. I may be surrounded in a house full of people, but it's still lonely.

People talk to me at work or church or even text and such but I feel so alone.

I really need someone right now and everyone is just so busy. Even the people who tell me to call or text or come over anytime, are too busy.

I understand people are busy. I'm so busy my head spins most days.

Not sure what is going on. Not sure why I feel so alone. Not sure why I can't talk to anyone. Not sure why no one is there.

But that's just what happens. I seriously think it's me. I find myself to be fun, straightforward and open. But maybe other folks see me different. I don't sugarcoat issues. I don't pretend my life is great when I'm having a bad day. I comfort those in need around me. I drop everything for someone who needs someone or something.

But why when I need someone, I still here all alone. Why when I try reaching out no one ever hears?

I just don't understand what it is that people don't want to be around me? Why am I not included in things? Why am I the one always not invited? or forgotten?

Like I said, I just feel alone right now. Every has these lives that are going on and I am just chillin here on a Friday night in my room with my door shut all alone.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cheerleading Time!!!

(oh yeah, I am posting posts back to back, I gotta show love to all my babies)

Emma is in her 4 year of cheerleading and she completely loves it!!

I see such improvement each and every year. She is out there making friends, learning teamwork and of course getting alot of exercise in (yep, they work really hard actually).

So I will let the pictures speak for themselves........

That's my girl and I couldn't be prouder!!!

Football Time!!!

My boys are rockin it this year!!! Landon is in his second and last year of flag football and Chase is in his first year. I am so proud of these two.

Landon plays quarterback most of the time. He gets about 2-3 touchdowns per game. And playing defense he is getting flags left and right. He runs like he has jet packs strapped to his feet. That kids amazes me.

Chase is all about defense. If this were tackle football there would be alot of little guys on the ground. Chase is supposed to be just blocking but he has the tendency to just lay em out. And he is one of the smallest guys on the team but will take down kids much bigger then him.

These two guys rock!!!

So of course I am gonna post some pictures of them......

My boy Landon, #11

Chase's turn running the ball, #4

Perfect air shot of Landon

Chase doing what he does best, trying really hard not to tackle this kid


Chase and Landon right after Landon's touchdown!!

Like I said, these two boys rock my world!!!