Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Granparents

These are two of the greatest people I know and I miss my granpa with all my heart.
The one on the left is their 50th wedding anniversary. My grandpa passed away about 7 years after this. He passed away on May 18, 2001. My grandma is still here and doing well.
I am not sure why I am posting these but I just really miss him today.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Landon's Turn Today.....

The kids are driving me bonkers!! I love them to death but sometimes I could call Children Services my self and have them come get them. (note to readers.... I would never do that) But my middle little dude, Landon, decided to play with scissors. He didn't do any damage but he wouldn't give them up either, so as Mother-of-the-Year, guess what I say..... "Give me the scissors right now or I will cut your hand off so you can never touch them again." Seriously, did I just say that. i had to step back and think about that for a sec. It just kinda flew outta my mouth.

But see Landon is my "energetic" child. He is almost 3 1/2 and I can't begin to tell you all the things this kid has done. Let me just make a short list and you can be the judge.

  • When we were trying to potty train him about a year ago he decided he was going to play with the potty rather then pee in it. So he comes out of his room with the seat around his neck, kinda like a necklace. So I'm like "very funny Landon, now let's get it off" and guess what ... the damn things didn't wanna come off. When he put it on, it was smooth side down so it slid easy. So I now have his head covered with butter and veggie oil oh and let's not forget the spray Pam. Nothing. So I call the doctors office and they told me to take him to the ER. So I load Landon (naked, just diaper and shoes) and Chase who is a little over one years old at this point. And we drive to the ER. And believe me, he did not like the car ride - thinking about it, I just want to bust up laughing. We get to the ER and the nurse has her head down and she asks - what are you here....? She stopped because that's when she looked up and saw a potty seat around my kids head. I didn't even have to fill out paperwork or anything because everyone was too busy with their cameras and camera phones taking pics of the poor kid, even the docs got into it. They took us back to a room and right away we have a room full of doctors and nurses, not because he was hurt but because they all needed a good laugh. With the amount of people in that room you would of thought something was tragically wrong, but nope, just a toddler with his head in a potty. After all the laughter and pictures stopped, they poured some kinda lube on his head and a few doctors adjusted the potty seat and *poof* it was off. We were in and out of the ER in 40 minutes. Alot of the doctors and nurses thanked me for bringing him in. In that line of work they really don't get to laugh a whole lot at the patients.
  • Mr. Bubble.... So I am in the kitchen cleaning up and I hear someone vomiting over and over and over. So of course I run and of course I can't find the right room. I finally get to the bathroom and Landon is vomiting SO much and I see bubbles and I see a bottle of Mr. Bubble next to him. I pick it up and it's not 1/4 full (it was a brand new bottle, used once). As I am handing the bottle, he vomiting and crying and saying " more mommy, more, please". I didn't know if I should cry or laugh my ass off. It amazed me that he actually wanted more and asking for it while vomiting. And yes I did call poison control and don't worry, most bubble bath products are non toxic.
  • He has had 2 concussions
  • He has had 2 surgery's; one at 9 months old for his hypospadis (he had 2 pee pee holes) and he still does, cause he pooped a few hours after surgery and got his incision infected and it messed up his pee pee and didn't heal right. He had his adenoids out last July.
  • He was in the hospital for a week when he was 9 wks old with RSV.
  • After eating eggs for breakfast one day, we discovered he has a BAD egg allergy. So needless to say we spend much time at the Asthma / Allergy doc
  • He has asthma and breathing problems. he has a breathing machine and has to take daily does of certain things (although he has improved greatly since getting his adenoids taken out)
  • he has had bad road rash many times
  • he got stitches on his forehead 2 days after having his surgery in July

There is prolly a whole slew of other things that I am forgetting to mention. If I had his scrapbooks in front of me I could prolly tell you everything.

So as you can clearly tell I really have my hands full with this little guy. And his brother, Chase, who is only 11 months younger in right on his heels, learning everything he does. What am I going to do when they are older..... Lord help me now