Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yeah, I'm getting healthy and stuff....

That title took me all of 3 seconds to think of, yeah, I rock like that.

It looks like I am on a bit of a weight loss journey. Oh yeah, it's been just grrrrrrreat. I started April 2, 2012 at (a weight that I will not tell a soul, well, except for my sister in law) and as of today July 31, 2012 (my sister and brothers birthday), I am proud to say that I have lost 29lbs. I have also completed my first 5K!! Now that's some awesome stuff.

Just in case you are wondering all I am doing to counting calories, running  jogging at a VERY slow pace and walking. I am trying to eat a lot of protein and fiber and cut waaaaaay back on my carbs and sugars. Those things are evil, evil I say.

Not every day is perfect, but oh well. It's ok. I know in my mind it takes alot of calories to gain a pound. On the other hand I gained 40 lbs in 5 years (it's ok to laugh). That means I gained LESS than one pound a month, but I still gained and gained and gained.

I am also setting realistic goals for myself. I want to lose the weight and actually keep it all off. My first goal was 20 lbs by the time school started and another 20 lbs by Christmas. So far I have met and exceed my first goal. Since I am at 30lbs lost I have set a new goal. I am going for another 20 lbs by Halloween. That will give me a total of 50lbs lost. I think if I get my but in gear I can totally do it. If I can meet that goal, I will be half way home. WOOHOO!!

And now I will leave you with a few pictures from my journey thus far.

This is me and my sister in law (I'm the one in the really bright green tshirt). This picture is from the day I started my journey. Yep, I'm fat...like really fat.

This was taken on July 20th - The Melting Pot with my hubby for an early birthday present.

This was taken on July 21st right after we finished The Color Run (which by the way is the most awesomest 5K EVER) Would def recommend to look it up and register!!

And finally we have our new family photos, also taken on July 21st (evening) This picture right here was at about 27 lbs lost.

When I put that first photo and the last photo together I can totally see it. I do get discouraged because on a day to day basis I don't see it, but when I compare those two pictures I can and it makes it all worth it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Grandma's 85th Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Grandma's 85th birthday party in typical our family style.....Hawaiian decor with fried chicken.

My family came in from all over. Two of my cousins and the kids stayed with us. It was such an awesome time. Grandma's party went awesome!!

I can't really talk about it too much because I get all teary eyed and all that jazz. I have so much to say to my grandma but I just can't seem to get the words out. One day I will though. But until then I will leave you with a few photos from that day.

My grandma is being wheeled around visiting everyone.

Grandma was SO EXCITED to see two or her three sisters!! I thought she was going to cry.

The husband and the youngest child.

Me and my Aunt Shirley (after I lost 25lbs and still going)

Just a overall shot.

My stepdad holding the the Operation money that my kids smuggled into the party.

Don't ya love the princess crown I got grandma!!

And that's about it. Well, not really I got about 50 more pictures but you can always check them out on Facebook.