Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Favorite Things!

I am feeling inspired today. Inspired by Oprah's favorite things. So below I have come up with a list of my favorite things and if I had a ton of money I would totally give these items to everyone who read my blog. But I don't so I can't. Boo.

Anyways - let's begin!!

My all time favorite sitcom!! I am totally buying myself the whole series for Christmas!!
I can totally relate to Roseanne. I parent alot like she does and Matt and I have a relationship that reminds me of Dan and Roseanne.

My all time favorite hour long show. (BTW, it killed me when Rory and Logan split up, I still have not recovered fully). I love the interaction between mother and daughter. I love the town and the town folk. Just love it.

My body pillow. Can't sleep without it and never leave home (overnight) with out it.

Saves me every night. This little baby puts me to sleep each and every night. And even though Matt absolutely hates it, he loves me and deals with it.

Total shout out to my hair stylist on this one. Love love love this stuff. My hair has never felt so good. So soft, so healthy. I seriously recommend this stuff in a heart beat.

Yep coffee. But not just any old coffee. The Keurig coffee. I love all the different flavors. I also love that when I am broke and can't get new K-cups that I can just use good ole coffee from the can. I love the adapter. 

LOVE Sinful Colors. They are priced right (under $2) and come in a zillion different colors!! I have probably around 20 or so already!

Danskin yoga pants. Under $15. I live in these. I have numerous colors and lengths. Yes, seriously. I am working on not wearing them so much and wearing real clothes. I just can't help myself. So comfy.

Now this one you can't buy in any store. Lists. I love me some lists. I have lists for my lists. It's a disease. I can't stop. If I stop making lists, my head may explode. Seriously.

And last but not least, my blankie (above are the prices for Black Friday! YEAH!)
This is the most perfect blankie for me. I sit with it. I sleep with it. I just love it. And no one in my house is allowed to touch it. Seriously.

Hope you all enjoyed 10 of my favorite things!! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Football & Cheer a.k.a. I have no life anymore........

This sports season is proving to be a very long one. An exciting one, but long one.

Matt is still working 2nd shift so most of the transportation and such is falling on me. For the most part it's going well. There has only been a few days where I needed to be in two different fields at once.

The main thing is the kids are having SO.MUCH.FUN! Seriously, they are loving every single minute of it.

So let's start with Miss Emma

This photo was taken by her grandma and I am pretty sure it's my most favorite picture EVER!
Look at that smile. She makes my heart skip a beat! (Did ya notice she finally got her braces on?? Blue and Gold for Tallmadge! GO BLUE DEVILS!!)

Her 2013 Cheerleading picture.

Emma caught in the act. Just love it. Her grandma took this one too. 

This is Emma's 5th year cheering. She has come such a long way from where she started in 2nd grade. Her moves are tighter and her jumps are improving every year. We are so stinkin proud of her for sticking it out for 5 years!

Now's it's Landon "Wolfeman" Wolfe's turn!

Here is his 2013 D team football picture. Isn't he just about the cutest thing you ever did see??

And of course my absolute favorite picture of him right now. He looks so much like his daddy. Makes my heart melt into pieces!

Look at that #40!!! 

Landon has seriously come a long way in such a short time. When he first started the season, the coach wasn't having him play much and he was in positions that I knew were not right for him. But Landon proved himself and let me tell you that kid is a machine. He just runs in from no where and tackles. It's so great to hear your kids name being called out over the sound system over and over and over. It's a new proud that I never knew I had. 

Last, but not least, my baby Chase!

Chase's 2013 Flag Football Picture

This is my baby in his usual goofy self. He likes to dance on the field and sometimes I catch him trying to be a ninja. 

Look at that #4 - he is sooooo awesome!

Chase is a little tackling machine. And since they are not technically allowed to tackle at this level, this could be a problem. HAHAHA. He is always one of the kids that get the most flags, I guess he's alot like his brother. He uses his speed to get them flags! A few times he was able to run the ball and he made 2 touchdowns in ONE GAME!! Wow! I was so proud of him. He really loves playing and is looking forward to next year when he gets to play "real" football. 

And that's it. This has been my life since mid-July. Practice 4 days a week and Emma's game on Saturday. It's exhausting but so exciting. As much as I whine about it, I would totally do it all over again!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Update on the ADHD situation.....

We have had Landon off of his medication for a lot of the summer. Boy, was that tough. Really tough.

I am not going to bore you with all the reasons we decided that.

We only had one major incident. It was over some pizza rolls. He just lost it. I told him that if he did not eat his dinner then he was not allowed to have a snack later. He ate half his dinner so I compromised and told him that he could have a healthy snack at bedtime. Well, he wanted pizza rolls. I stood my ground. Matt and I have to show him that he does not run this show.

It ended badly. It ended up with flipped furniture, other kids hiding in my room, lots of screaming, lots of crying. Just a complete meltdown....for both of us.

Ended up with me on phone with a friend who works at the local children's hospital, crying and basically freaking out. I had never seen him like this. He was completely crazed. He scared me. He scared the other kids.

All over some damn pizza rolls.

And NO, I could not give in to him. I have done too much of that in the past. I have to work on showing him that he DOES have to listen to rules and there ARE consequences for his actions. If I gave in he would just keep expecting me to give in.

Thank goodness school is back in! Landon has been taking his medication every day and he is doing REALLY well! He has a little bit of trouble after school but that's when I make him take his patch off so he can really bring it at football. (The patch takes 2-3 hours we wear off). The patch tends to slow him down, which is of course what we want - just not for FOOTBALL!! WOOHOO!!! So by the time he gets off the bus he is really slow. It makes it hard for him to want to even get ready for practice.

I feel so bad for him. He did ask to be like this. It's so hard to explain to a 7 year old why he has to take medicine every day. A medicine he knows is going to make him not want to eat and tire him down later.

One day he actually asked me if he could have a HUGE breakfast before putting on his patch. He knows he won't be eating much lunch. I just feel for him. I feel bad for our family.

Landon having ADHD does not affect only him. It affects practically everyone he comes in contact with. The whole family dynamic changes. But that's a whole other post...LOL

SO now I leave you with a few recent pictures. Just know that he is doing really good. We are all really good (ummm, yeah, that's pretty much a lie).

This is a pretty normal sight for him. Being a goofball.

This was on our Maid of the Mist boat tour in Niagara Falls.

This is my ultimate new favorite picture of Landon. It's just perfect. This picture represents what I want him to be. This is what I see when I look at him throwing tantrums. This is what I see when I am throwing tantrums because he can't "just listen". 

It's all going to be OK. This experience is all part of bigger plan. What that plan is, well, I'm just not sure. We are putting our faith in God and going with it. I know it's all going to be ok.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Usually my birthday's are pretty quiet. This birthday was not. It was GREAT!! I spent 4 fun filled days with nothing but me, my husband and my kids. So let me take you on a tour of my weekend!

Friday August 2nd - 

Woke up crabby, went to work from 9am - 2pm and then the fun began!!
We dropped off the kids at a wonderful friends house for a sleepover around 3pm and then Matt and I sped the heck out of there!!

We drove up to Cleveland. We booked a nice hotel room for the night. Just the two of us. Upon check in I asked where the hot tub was and was told it was by the pool. I inquired about the cleanliness of the hot tub and was told they keep it VERY clean.

<jump to 10 minutes later> Standing at the pool area and guess what?? NO HOT TUB!! Are you kidding me? Why lie to me? Why make up some big story about how they keep it very clean? Very Very Very RUDE!

So anyways back to my evening. We chilled. We watched TV. Then we went to the Melting Pot for dinner. This is my all time favorite place to eat. It's quiet. It's slow paced. And did I mention it was quiet.

Here is the new dress that Matt bought me while walking around waiting for our reservation.

Main Course!! YUMMMMMMMY!!

My handsome husband. I love taking pictures of him like this.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel. We chilled some more, watched more TV and made a quick run to the gas station for snacks. It was pretty awesome to have just some me and him time.

Saturday August 3rd - 

This day started pretty early. During this weekend I was also on call for my job (I do on site drug and alcohol testing). When my phone rang at 730 in the morning I knew it was a call. Lucky for me it was a Cleveland call and I was about 5 minutes away!!

Blah, blah, blah - moving on.

We picked up our kiddos about 11am. We headed home to quickly clean up the house, do some laundry and pack for the races!!

We headed down to the Summit Motorsports Raceway to watch some races.

The kids had a blast!! They loved the loud roar of the cars. They loved being able to get up close. Just a great day!!!

After the races we stopped for some dinner and headed home. We finally got home around 10pm. We all crashed pretty quickly. We knew we had a big day ahead of us!

Sunday August 5th

Up at 630am, out of the house by 7am. Ugh. We headed off to NIAGARA FALLS, ON!!! Matt and I finally both had passports so we figured, Hey, why not!

We made it to the border around 1030am. We had to make a pit stop since all of us were bursting at the seams! While we were stopped, my amazing husband stopped to help a lady with her car. This set us back about 1/2 hour. Oh well, that's my great hubby.

We finally made it. We parked. We got walking.

First thing we did was head down to the Falls to go on the Maid of the Mist. It was soooooo awesome!

After the boat we walked, we ate, we walked some more and we ate some more. We did take the kids to the Rainforest Café for lunch - they totally loved it!

totally semi-creepy picture!
Anyways, trying not to drag this post are few more pictures then I am outta here!
Outside the Hershey store - yummy!

Harley store

I totally wanted to stop and get a tattoo!!

Landon took this picture. He just had to. He said the bottle and the ketchup were different then back in Ohio...LOL
And I'm done - there is my little mini vacation. We spent the night in Niagara Falls Sunday night, we got up early and drove home Monday just in time to start football / cheer practice!!