Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I quit my job!!!

I am so relieved. I quit my job Monday morning and feel FREE!!!

It was no secret that I did not like my job but hey, it was an income right?? So I have wanted to quit for awhile now, but money was a no go.

On Saturday, we took the boys to a movie and on the way home they start talking about how cool it would be if I would stay home and that kind of talk. To be honest, it broke my heart.

So Sunday night, I go to a friends house. I spill my heart out to her about life and that includes my job situation. I get home around 10ish, kids are in bed, hubby is waiting up for me. We watch some TV and he drifts to sleep.

About 1am, I find my self shaking him awake. We needed to talk. We needed to pray. We needed to go over budgets. We sat there till 3am, going over and over and over the budget with all kinds of different scenarios, we prayed and we talked.

(side note: we have not had a "normal" conversation in weeks, so this was a blessing in it self)

About 3:05am is was decided that I would quit my job. And yes, I do know that right now job market wise is not a good time to quit, but it was a good time to quit for my family.

And trust me, we have a plan B, a plan C, a plan D and so on. We know life is going to be tight till I start getting an income again. We are prepared for that.

So I have to say...goodbye Target...goodbye Starbucks......goodbye brand name food......goodbye yummy restaurants...till we meet again AND I am positive I will meet you all again in the near future.

But for right now I am going to focus on my family, my home, my God and my friends.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Things That Can Happen In ONE Week

Seriously....what else can go wrong this week????

1. I got super sick, had to miss two days of work and because I am just a temp right now I spent those 2 days worrying about still having a job when I should of been worried about my flippin BLEEDING STOMACH ULCER!!

2. Money, money,'s always about money isn't it. We are on a pretty tight budget, so going to the doctor and paying for prescriptions were not in the budget...That's $40.00 bucks right there and guess what...that was my whole food budget for the week....guess who is not going to have cereal, milk, kids lunches, stuff for our lunches, dinners and snacks??? This girl....well, this family to be excat. And yes, I really do feed a family of 5 all of the above for around $40.00 a week, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less. It just takes some careful planning. So I am freakin out a little bit here.....oh well, I am just going to pray about it and put it in God's hands now. We have NEVER gone hungry before and I know my God will not let us go hungry again. And we have been way poorer then this before.

3. Me and the hubby are really liking this whole fighting / bickering thing lately. We are like a couple of 5 year olds...seriously....I will give you just one he had some clean clothes sitting on his dresser. His TOP dresser drawer was open where said clothes are to go. He shuts his drawer and does not put the clothes in. So I ask him "honey, why did you close the drawer before you put the clothes away?" and he says something like "oh, I thought you had them here for something else" and BOOM...a fight has started...really??? really??? Why would I just set the clothes there and why would you not put them away??? REALLY??? So yes, we have become 5 year olds who bicker about everything. It's awesome....just how I wanted to ring in the New Year. And yes, I do take some of the blame...I am not dumb....fighting and bickering takes 2 people and I am one of those people.

4. Job and Money....being so close to losing my job has made us sit down and look at our budget. WOW....I can't even begin to tell you how much fun that is!!! I could do some jumping jacks or something but I won't because one of my boobs may hit me in the head and that would hurt and might require some ER visit and that would cost money and THEN it would be two weeks with no food in the home. WOOHOO!!! Can you feel the excitement???? And by the way...if I did lose my job, we would be sooooooooo screwed....

5. I am just doing crappy. Crappy. Crappy. Crappy. Everything is driving me nuts lately, the house, the kids, the hubby, the stupid car, the white trash lawn, ummmm pretty much everything.

And there you go folks....A lovely start to a new lovely year. Who knows, maybe all the CRAPPY stuff is getting out of the way now to make for an awesome year.

But seriously, I am not just sitting here complaining and whining. I am also praying ALL THE TIME. I know prayer works, I have been privledged to some answered prayers that no man could do for me and my family. So I am going to keep praying till we get answers. It's all in God's time....not mine.

PS. I am going to add a number 6. My physical pain. So with this whole ulcer thing, I cannot take pretty much NO pain meds. So I am sitting here withering in back pain and I can take NOTHING. if you were to video me now, you would see me move into like 800 different positions all while trying to hang to the laptop to write this blog....pretty funny stuff and also adding this to my prayers.....

Till next time loves........