Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Favorite Things!

I am feeling inspired today. Inspired by Oprah's favorite things. So below I have come up with a list of my favorite things and if I had a ton of money I would totally give these items to everyone who read my blog. But I don't so I can't. Boo.

Anyways - let's begin!!

My all time favorite sitcom!! I am totally buying myself the whole series for Christmas!!
I can totally relate to Roseanne. I parent alot like she does and Matt and I have a relationship that reminds me of Dan and Roseanne.

My all time favorite hour long show. (BTW, it killed me when Rory and Logan split up, I still have not recovered fully). I love the interaction between mother and daughter. I love the town and the town folk. Just love it.

My body pillow. Can't sleep without it and never leave home (overnight) with out it.

Saves me every night. This little baby puts me to sleep each and every night. And even though Matt absolutely hates it, he loves me and deals with it.

Total shout out to my hair stylist on this one. Love love love this stuff. My hair has never felt so good. So soft, so healthy. I seriously recommend this stuff in a heart beat.

Yep coffee. But not just any old coffee. The Keurig coffee. I love all the different flavors. I also love that when I am broke and can't get new K-cups that I can just use good ole coffee from the can. I love the adapter. 

LOVE Sinful Colors. They are priced right (under $2) and come in a zillion different colors!! I have probably around 20 or so already!

Danskin yoga pants. Under $15. I live in these. I have numerous colors and lengths. Yes, seriously. I am working on not wearing them so much and wearing real clothes. I just can't help myself. So comfy.

Now this one you can't buy in any store. Lists. I love me some lists. I have lists for my lists. It's a disease. I can't stop. If I stop making lists, my head may explode. Seriously.

And last but not least, my blankie (above are the prices for Black Friday! YEAH!)
This is the most perfect blankie for me. I sit with it. I sleep with it. I just love it. And no one in my house is allowed to touch it. Seriously.

Hope you all enjoyed 10 of my favorite things!!