Monday, May 25, 2009

Our New (ghetto) Pool

Well, when I walked to the Dollar store I wasn't going to buy a pool but..... the kids were complaining and then they saw this.... the littlest pool ever made.

So small all three kids can't even fit into it, but hey, for $7 it's does some kind of purpose.

And yes, they did fight over it the whole time.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the Winner Is............................

Chase!!!! Yeah, my last born finally won something.

I firmly believe that my two boys, Landon who is 3 1/2 and Chase who is 11 months younger (2 1/2) are in a fierce competition this year to see who can get sick/hurt more and who can freak mommy out more. I am have been to the ER sooooo much and that's not a joke. My friends and family ask if we have a room for us or if we get some kinda frequent flyer miles. It really is that bad.

So yesterday about 1130am Chase took a pretty bad spill on the driveway. I came home from work at noon and checked him out. His chin is messed up, his nose was bleeding, then I asked him to stick his tongue out......OMG....... it was prolly the grossest thing I have seen in awhile.

I freaked, called the docs office, of course they were closed for lunch so I call the after hours number. They asked me a bunch of questions and made me check his teeth and they had me look at his tongue over and over. Not cool, really not cool. So in the end we decided not to do anything about it, just let him be, give him soft food, no salt, no citrus and rinse his mouth after every meal.

Well....... I go back to work from 4-8 and I get home about 830pm and all the kids run up and of course I have to check out my boys tongue, so he sticks it out and honest to God, I am pretty sure a little vomit came up in my mouth. it looked sooooo bad. I had Matt look at it and even two of the neighbors.

So I put the siren on top of the Jeep and took off for the ER, and basically tongues are really strong and they can withstand so much, so they just cleaned it and his chin and sent us on our merry way.

So Chase definitely wins this round - He was sooooo gross, oh yeah, here's a picture - don't worry, I won't slip you any tongue

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Better then the last....

So last post I went off a little, but hey, I needed to blow off some steam and since I only have 3 readers, it seemed like the perfect place.

Life's been good, a little slow, but good.

Matt and I are working on a thousand different projects and none of them seem to get done. I wish we could just complete one project start to finish. A girl can dream.....

Kids are great. Emma had her first Cheerleading parade this past Saturday and it was a wet one. The cheerleaders were the second to last in the parade, it was them then the book mobile - wow, yes, they actaully had a book mobile to close the parade, shocked?? ME TOO. So yeah, it started to rain like 20 minutes into the parade and when I say rain I mean like cats and dogs. The boys were soaked, I was soaked, my purse filled with candy was soaked and the chairs we were sitting in were soaked. But it was sooooo awesome when Emma walked passed me. I had another mommy moment at that point. I just cheered for her while my eyes stared at her. She looked so grown up, so on her own. She did not need her mommy at that moment. She was marching in a parade. I was so proud of her.

I am not going to tell you the story BEFORE the parade where she was bawling in front of all the other cheerleaders cause she was scared and didn't want mommy to leave her. I won't tell you how she just stood there crying while all the other girls were practicing.

But she was a big girl (as soon as the only other girl she knew showed up) and went and had a ton of fun in the parade.

Landon and Chase are good. We bought Landon his first big boy bike Saturday. Went to Wally World and got him an awesome 12" bike. He rode around the store a little bit. I wanted to make sure he could do it and the kid just took off.

I am going to have to start posting more pictures of the kids. Let me start that now....

Here we are eating some ice cream the other day... It was Yummy!!

This was at Emma's schools spring dance.. don't they look handsome

We took the boys mini golfing for the first time.. they had no idea what they were doing...

Emma looking so cute .....

I am really going to work on the posting picture thing.... well, gotta get back to work - lol

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do Not Read if Easliy Offended.....

So where should I start, my mother or my mother in law. Both are complete bitches to me so I guess it really doesn't matter does it.

So the mother in law.....
She hates me. From day one she has hated me and I have a 3 page hand written letter from the MIL and FIL to prove it. So let's get to the nitty gritty. She had ANOTHER party on a holiday. For those of you who don't know, she likes to throw parties on holidays, not just regular parties but birthday parties. I won't even start on the Spongebob / Easter party. Well, maybe just a little. Do you know that I actually received an invitation to the party that had the words "Come celebrate the resurrection" and "don't forget to get your pirate booty" All in the same invitation!! What the fuck. Those two things should not go together. Easter is a holiday not for Spongebob pirate parties but to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, that's it. It is a very religious holiday and that's that way it should be kept. In no way shape or form should the word "booty" appear any where near the word Jesus.

So she every year since Matt and I have been together we have had a party every Mother's Day, Fathers Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas and I am damn sick of it. I can never celebrate with my family and I am pisses. I planned something fun my me and my kids this Mothers Day but of course had to change them because of my fucking MIL. She decided to have her other 4 children all baptized and 3 of them had there first communion, then some big stupid lunch serving hard liquor. And actually the liquor is the only thing that makes it bearable to get through. I am just pissed. I want to talk to her or send her an email letting her know exactly how I feel but I am chicken shit. I don't want to get her mad or anything, but I am sick of giving up my holidays for her. Oh and before I forget, the only time there is not a party is 4th of July, which my family always has a big party at my cousins house and every year I invite the MIL and family and guess what..... they never FUCKING SHOW!! WTF!!

I am so pissed how she controls our holidays and I always say that we aren't going but I always give in and go because I tell myself this is my husbands mother and we need to try and be nice and every time I just get more pissed and more pissed.

And if for some reason, if we tell her that we can't come because of something else, the bitch will change the time of the party to work around our schedule (and yes, I know that some of you will think that is a nice thing to do, but she is really doing it cause she is a bitch)

(gotta say something else, my husband has 5 siblings, an older brother and 4 younger siblings, 12, 10, 8 and 5, that's why we have so many fucking parties)

OK, well, I am about done with her, but I am going to write about my husbands grandparents for a second and I will try not to cuss with them because for the most part they are really nice people.

For the past 3 years, I have not received a card for my birthday from my husbands two grandmas. Last year, the MIL had a birthday party for me and the FIL cause our birthdays are within a week of each other and guess what????? The grandparents didn't even know it was my birthday cause the bitch of a MIL didn't tell them, but supposedly the party was for me and the FIL. So why weren't the grandparents told about my birthday???

And Matt and I have been together for 5 years, you would think the grandparents would know that I do have a birthday somewhere in the 365 days there are in a year, but here's the best part.... they have also not gotten my daughter a DAMN thing in 2 years!!!! On Sunday, one grandma did give her a belated birthday card with $15, so I guess that counts but what about the other birthdays and what about the other grandma??? HUH???? WTF?????? and here's the other best part...... since Landon and Chase were born they haven't gotten presents from the one grandma and a card and $15 from the other grandma and my husband gets cards from both grandparents every year!!!! Funny how they forget about me and my daughter (Emma is my baby girl from my previous marriage). I just find it so funny how it's not them they forget it's me and my daughter. I am more hurt then pissed. And I know when Emma is old enough to notice, it's going to be a really hard thing to explain to her.

And I am sick of my husband trying to make excuses for them. I am sick of it. he doesn't understand how much it hurts to have this happen by a family that really doesn't like you in the first place. It's just a slap in the face every birthday me and Emma have. I hate it. I wish I could have the balls to say something but I don't. I am a damn wimp. I have causing trouble and I know that if say something to the grandparents or the MIL, it's going to start drama and I just don't want to. I need to grow a pair!!

OK, now on to my lovely mother......
So let's get this part out in the open, she is a pill popping, pot smoking drug addict. She thinks the world is out to get her and she thinks that certain things are owed to her because she is on this earth. She thinks she can do and say whatever she wants and the world is to bow at her feet.

My son Landon turned 3 in November and she still calls him Logan. Chase turned 2 in November and she has seen him a hand ful of times. Both boys have major allergies and both have asthma. They are allergic to dogs and smoke, both of which are very heavy in my mothers home. I have told my mom many times they cannot go over to her house. So you would think that maybe she would come visit them...ummmmm. no. Her selfish ass would rather sit at home, smoke pot, pop pills and see my sisters kids. My sister goes to visit often and that's great, I am not saying anything about that. But how fucking hard is it to jump in your car, drive less then 2 miles to my house and see my kids???? HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT??? She is currently unemployed since the restaurant she works at burned down, so I know she doesn't have to work. It just really burns me. All she fucking cares about in this world is her damn self. I am sick of her always choosing my sister and her kids over mine. I am sorry if she made the decision to smoke in her home and have the damn nasty dog and cats and that's why my kids can't come over. I am sorry if I don't feel comfortable leaving my kids alone with her. I know how I grew up and there is no way in hell I would ever let her watch my kids, NEVER. God only knows what she is capable of.

And let me give you another example of why I don't go over there. Long story short, I thought something was wrong at her house, so I jump in the car and go over there and turns out, everything was fine. Oh, and it's like 730pm. So I just can't leave without staying for a few minutes. So my mom had a hard day doing drugs and popping pills, so she was already in bed, wow imagine that. Although she did get up say hi, then go make a sandwich, which she took back to bed. So I am sitting there with my sister and my mom's husband and he gets up grabs his bong, sits back on the couch and starts to toke up. I wish I could of recorded all the thoughts that were going through my head at this point. I just kept thinking that this could not be really happening and WOW I am really related to these fucking people who have no respect for others. I watched it for a few minutes then I got the hell outta there. I had to get home and wash all the nasty stench off me (yes, after being there for 20 minutes my clothes already smelled like the nastiness that is there home.

So on mothers day, I do call her, got the machine, left a message, called her cell, got voicemail, left a message. Then she had the nerve to tell my sister and my grandma that I didn't call and she was just so upset. FUCK YOU LADY!! Quit lying to people so they feel sorry for you. My grandma and aunt are on to her game. They know exactly what she's all about. I am just sick and tired of it.

Oh and with the birthday thing, my mother has not got my kids anything is years and she has not even given a card in years. And no one in my perfect family has gotten anything for my husband except for my grandma. And yes that pisses me off to no end. Apparently Matt means nothing to my immediate family either. I at least send a card to my siblings and there spouses. And if I have the money I buy something, that doesn't happen often but I try and yet my husband gets treated as if he doesn't belong - whatever peeps!!

I think I am going to stop writing now before I write things that I am going to regret. Because I keep writing I am getting more pissed off and more pissed off. I thought that venting would make me feel better but I can feel my heart racing and blood pressure rising.

I am glad that I got a lot of that off my chest. I know I am going to have a few nasty emails and comments about this and that's OK. These are my feelings and I entitled to them.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gotta Stop Crying At Work

I really have to stop reading the news while at work. But I can't stop.. I can't tear my eyes away from anything like this article. That's why I work here, thats why I do what I do.

I really don't have anything else to say, so now I have to go dry my eyes and try to help the other victims of domestic violence that I work with.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Landon Bit Chase

So really, my 3 year old bit my 2 year old - in the back - through his shirt. When I asked the kids what happened they both said Chase fell, then I asked again and Landon said " I bit Chase" and I asked Chase what happened and he said "Landon bite me". So back to Landon, I asked him if that was true and he said "No, Chase fell in the playroom", so I said "but you just told me you bit Chase", then.... wait for it... he said "yeah but you would get mad, so I said Chase fell" Ummmm really. Landon just turned 3 in late November. How could a kid that little know that if he told mommy the truth I was going to get mad??? I am trying to understand this. I know why Chase lied. He lied because he does anything Landon does, thats how he rolls. So after sitting and thinking about how I am ever going to really find out what happened, a light bulb seriously went off over my head!! I decided to look at the shirt that I ripped off Chase. And guess what I found, teeth marks and a wet spot, hmmmm, that could only mean one thing. Landon BIT CHASE!!!

So yes I did punish him right away and now he has destroyed his room. I mean clothes, bedding, stuffed animals and whatever else he could throw is laying all over his floor along with his little table and chairs all turned on there side. Oh Boy!!! I have no idea what to do at this point.

So with Chase, I know from the time before when a little wonderful girl at church bit Chase in the face and broke skin (which I am still very upset about, but anyways....). I do know that anytimea human bite breaks skin you have to take them in to the docs for cleaning and antibiotics, especially if the bite is on the face or hands. Well, I might be a bad mom for not taking him last night, but I really didn't want to sit in the ER for ever and wait for someone to look at him, then write a prescription then send us on our way. And besides the bite was through a shirt. So I sprayed Bactin and put a Hot Wheels bandaid over it and I am going to keep an eye on it for a few days just to make sure it doesn't get infected.

As far as Landon goes, I think he will be grounded like forever!!