Friday, June 21, 2013

Finally - the LAST part of Vacation!!!

Sorry it took so long to finish getting my vacation all posted. Ever since we got back we have been busy busy busy. And starting next month life gets even crazier and busier. All 3 kiddos start sports and of course it's 3 different teams which means 3 different practice schedules, 3 different weekly games and one mom going mucho loco (hubby works 2nd shift). But enough about all that, that post will come soon enough...LOL

Day SEVEN - Thursday
Today is the day we moved om from Alabama to Gaitlinburg, TN. I woke up early and hit a thrift shop with my Aunt Shirley. We hadn't spent much time together because it was just a crazy crazy week. It was nice just to talk and shop.

After I got back we packed up and headed on out. We left around noon (which is 1 pm in Tennessee time). We arrived in Pigeon Forge, TN at the hotel right about 6 pm. Not too bad of a drive.

Upon arrival we checked in. We rested. We ate massive amounts of pizza and garlic roll thingy. It was awesome.

We let the kids swim in a teeny tiny pool for a little bit then decided to head out for some ice cream.

Finally, after all that - BED TIME!!! YEAH!!!

Day EIGHT - Friday
Boy oh boy, today was a BIG day!! I will try and keep it within a paragraph or two!
Started off with some swimming in the teeny tiny pool, followed by getting dressed and ready and heading out to Gaitlinburg for whatever.

We started off by driving around looking and looking for parking and none of us had cash. Quick stop at the ATM, then park and finally we hit up the Ober Tram. This tram takes you waaaaaay up high in the mountains. Yep, I almost lost my lunch.

We walked around up on the mountain (they have shops and food), ate some lunch and headed back down. The ride down was MUCH more scary then the way up. I thought I was going to have a full blown panic attack. Luckily I was able to talk myself down.

After that we decided to walk around. There is soooo much to do and see. We started off by sampling some moonshine. They were tiny little sample cups but when you sample like 10 different flavors it adds up. Oops.

Here is the picture of all of us!

Taking the Tram up...waaaaaaay up

Lunch in the Smokies

Sampling some FREE whiskey!

And here we are sampling the FREE moonshine then proceeded to buy the peach and the regular - YUMMY

Another picture of the moonshine - this stuff was soooooo good!

We walked around a few more hours spending uber amounts of money (huge tourist trap, but so worth it)

After we were done we headed back to Pigeon Forge for dinner. We ended up going to the most horrible Hibachi place - oh well, you live, you learn. 

After that the kids were BEGGING us to do the go-carts (again more $$$). We did. It ended up being one of the most favorite parts of this part of the trip. I am sooo glad we decided to do it.

Daddy and Chase getting ready for me to beat them!! (although it ended up I was the very slowest)

Day NINE - Saturday
Going HOME day!!!

We left the hotel around 11 am after letting the kids get in one last swim.

We headed to Bristol, TN to have lunch with my cousin Joe and his family. We got there about 1 pm and had grilled cheese with BACON, basically so much bacon you could of called them Grilled Bacon Sandwiches...LOL

After lunch Joe took us on a quick car trip to check out the city. It was so cool driving in Bristol, TN then turning around and driving down the other side of the road in Bristol, VA. He took us to the Bristol Speedway and Thunder Valley. We also got to check out the Holsten Dam area. It was so pretty and so calm (except for me freaking out that one of the kids was going to fall and get hurt).

After that we finally headed to our final destination - HOME!!

The trip took just over 8 hours because we stopped for dinner and then as soon as we hit Ohio I had to drive through some of the worst rain I had ever driven in. It was horrible, but we survived.

We had such a great vacation!! I loved spending time with my loved ones. I can't wait till our next VACATION!!!