Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Life Isn't Fair

Yup, I am 34 years old and finally figured it out. It makes me want to chuckle. During my discovery I thought a lot about my children. It was then I had my epiphany. For real.

My 3 children do NOT need to be treated the same. No equal treatment for all!!!

Now hang on, let me explain. It's actually a very short explanation.

I have 3 kids. 3 different kids. 3 kids who are all individuals.

How in the world can I treat them all the same? They are all 3 completely different. They all 3 have different behaviors. They all respond to discipline differently. There is no way to parent each kid the same.

If Emma gets in trouble (which is funny because he hardly ever does), I can't punish her like I would Landon or Chase. If I sent her to her room, she would just read for hours. The smart thing to do would be take away her books and Kindle.

If Landon gets in trouble (which is like 50 times a day), taking away his books would be the opposite of a punishment. Same for Chase.

So basically, my kids are 3 different people, I need to treat them like 3 different people. What is great for one of them will not work for the others.


yeah right!! It is so much easier said than done. But we are working on it. Daily.

And that, my friends, has been my big discovery. Change is in the works.

And now I leave you with the kids 2014 Football / Cheer pictures as a thank you for keeping with me.

Chase - 2nd Grade

Landon - 3rd Grade

Emma 7th Grade