Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby Names

(** I totally stole this idea from a blog I just read**)

All the time I explain to people how we came up with our kids names. I wish I had some really great stories but I really don't but I am going to tell you anyways.

Emma Elizabeth

Emma Elizabeth. I just love this name. Emma is a name that I have loved since I was a little girl. Just a name that has stuck with me. Elizabeth is my grandma's middle name. And since my grandma is pretty amazing I decided that my daughter should be pretty amazing too. And when I say "I" decided the name I pretty much did. I was very lucky that my husband (the first one..LOL) was pretty great with letting me get my way with her name. Honestly I would found a way to name her this no matter what. Emma Elizabeth.....just amazing.
Landon Alexander

Baby number two - Landon Alexander. This name took us FOREVER to come up with. This is my first child with husband number two. He was not as laid back in the name department as the first one. I received an awesome baby name book and we literally went through the WHOLE ENTIRE BOOK. I made a list of names that I liked, not loved, but liked. Then I took the list to Matt and he pretty much vetoed all of them. Landon's name wasn't even on my original list. So I made Matt look in the book. He said the only one he sorta liked was Landon and I said "DONE". End of story. Landon is his first name. His middle name was a no brainer. Alexander. That was my grandpa's name. Just like my grandma, my grandpa is one of the most amazing men I have ever known. I am honored to have Landon have his middle name. Many, many men on my side of the family have the name Alex or Alexander. Right after he was born he totally looked like a Landon Alexander.
Chase Allen Lee

Now this one was a doosy. Since my first two children had some name from my family, Matt DEMANDED to have his middle name for this child's middle name. And there was no changing his mind. I had all these great names picked out that I loved. The only problem is I had used the middle name of Joseph (a prominent family name for my husbands side). I thought if I gave him Joseph he would be ok. I picked out Ethan Joseph and Aiden Joseph, neither name would of went well with Allen. Boo. He would not back down on the use of his middle name, Allen. And then I find out he does not care for names that begin with vowels...LOL. I really can't remember how we came up with Chase. I think we both saw it, liked it and that was that. I filled out all the paper work with the name Chase Allen. I had it all ready to roll for when the big day came. Well the big day came. We named him. I stayed hooked up to some IV drugs because I was having surgery the next day. Fast forward to next day after surgery. I was all drugged up and not thinking clearly. I called down to the records office and asked if I could change my babies name. I did. Chase Allen Lee. I added the Lee in honor of my brother. This is his middle name. Oops. And I kinda didn't tell Matt about it. Oops. He didn't find out until we got Chase's social security card in the mail. Oops. Luckily I have a great husband and he didn't kill me.
***Just some funny notes about my kids names
Emma's name is perfect. I didn't even have a back up name in case she turned out to be a boy. Her initials are EED, not to bad either.
Landon's name would of been Grace Irene. Grace being another name I love and Irene is the name of my grandma and one of Matt's grandma's. Landon's initials are LAW - this can go either way. He can either do good for the law or end up in the system..LOL
Chase's name would of been Isabella Grace. Those are just two names that I love. Chase's initials are CAW..and this just makes me laugh. The best part about Chase's name is filling out paperwork. I learned that when you fill out papers you only use the initial of his first middle name. So this would be Chase A. Wolfe. Wait for it to sink in. Wait. Wait. Wait. Did you get it yet??? Yep, this constantly cracks us up. Chase A. Wolfe.
And that's it. That's the story behind my kids names. Hope you were all entertained.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I hate resolutions.....

Well this New Years Resolution is not off to a great start like I hoped it would :(

I had a short list of things I would like to accomplish and dates to have them accomplished by.

It is now January 23rd and I have done squat. The two things that come to mind are that I wanted to write two blog posts per week and to lose another 40 lbs by June 1st. Well, writing is sporadic and so is my diet.

I lost my weight loss partner because she decided to go have another baby. Without the accountability I just suck at it. I lost my first 40lbs with her and that's it. Nothing more. I'm cheating left and right. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to lose another 40 by June 1st. I need to get some will power and just do it!!! I could sit here and tell you that I'm trying but the truth is, I'm not. I am a little but not like I was when we were doing it together. She is a really great motivator. She pushes me. She tells me when I am eating like crap. She is honest. She  holds me accountable. Without her I can do whatever I want because I have no one to answer to.

I've tried to make other friends online through the weight loss sites I belong to but it's not the same. She knows me. She knows all my bad habits. Now I'm all whiny and need cake.

As far as my other resolution, writing 2 blog posts per week. Um, yeah, I suck at that. It's not that I don't have anything to write about because believe me I have plenty. Ever since I made this blog kinda of known to all my friends and family there are just certain things I can't write about. Boo. I am going to start putting more of an effort into writing though. I love it. I may not be good at it but I love it. I write as if I am speaking, no seriously, like a little voice in my brain in talking and my fingers are typing. It's kind of creepy to me.

Oh well, it's about time for me to call it a night. I will leave you with one picture from this past week though.

I did complete one project on my yearly todo list. I bought a crap ton of photo storage boxes and organized every single picture I had. They are all nicely organized and labeled in their boxes. As I was organizing I came across this beautiful card. I have no idea when this was given to me or by who. The day I found this is the day I REALLY needed to find this. I keep it beside my bed now. I read it often. This card keeps me in check. This card renews my faith in Christ every single time I read it. This card keeps me focused. Keeps my eye on the prize. I am eternally grateful for this card. I just wish I could remember when and who it came from. Maybe is really was from Jesus.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Ugh. We have pretty much been housebound since Thanksgiving. It's been a blast!! NOT!!!

I will try to keep this story short. We found out the Tuesday before Thanksgiving that my daughter had a head FULL of lice. Like I am talking FULL of lice. I shudder thinking about it. We treated her that night, kept checking her, treated her again, treated me, kept checking.

We stayed pretty much away from people :( That means hardly any parties, no church, etc.

By Christmas Eve I thought we had the problem solved. It was great. Being with humans again. Being around friends and family.

Well, the day after Christmas we found out she had lice again, along with Landon and Chase. UGH.

So after treating her and it not working and discussing it with Matt, we decided to take her to a local  professional lice removal place. It was 100% guaranteed and she gets checkups every week for a few weeks after. So we dropped a crap ton of money and got her treated. We shaved the boys heads and picked all the nits out by hand.

We kept Emma home for almost two weeks. No friends. No dads house. Almost nothing.

After that we decided it would be ok for her to go back to her dads. That was just this past weekend.

She will get one more checkup Tuesday or Wednesday at the lice removal place and if she is lice free will be given the green light to reenter society. We can go to church. We can hang with friends. We can do sleepovers.

It's been a long month. I feel so out of the loop. I feel disconnected. I watch my church's service online but it's just not the same as going and seeing everyone. I love to talk and catch up with everyone. I love the fellowship. It's been hard.

So please be patient with us. We will be back at church soon. I know deep down they appreciate me NOT bringing me or my kids to church with LICE.

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 n- A Year in Review

Just like last year I am proudly giving you a year in review month by month......

January -  The very warm January. It was so great. We played out outside with hoodies on almost the whole month. We even went to the zoo on January 30th in t shirts...craziness for Ohio. We also took the kids to see the Lorax.

February - Hmmm, Matt and the boys went to go see the Harlem Globetrotters and we have Valentines Day on which we had no sitter so we all went to Roadhouse for some steak. Blah. This is also the month where I decided to lose weight because of an incident that I will never talk about.

March - Spring Break and Easter......

April -  Emma's big 10th BIRTHDAY BASH!!! We had a HUGE party for her. Like huge. It was alot of fun!!

May -  Month of VACATIONS!! We went to Florida in the beginning of May. We drove. It was long. But while we were down there we spent alot of time with my brother, sister in law and niece and nephew. We also went to Magic Kingdom, Sea World and Coco Beach among other little things. It was completely awesome. Then we came home for 10 days and hoped back in the car and went to Ocean City, Maryland for 5 days to celebrate Memorial Day. A ton of my family was there, we have so many crabs (some of which my hubby caught, yep, they went crabbing), we had a blast at the beach and the boardwalk. It was probably the best vacation ever!!!

June - My baby Chase graduated from preschool!! We also celebrated my grandma's 85th birthday!!!

July - Ran my first 5K ever!! We ended up doing the Color Run in Columbus and it was soooooo awesome!! And since we were kid free we decided to have ourselves a fancy adult dinner at the Melting Pot. BEST.MEAL.EVER.

August - My 32nd birthday and the start of football and cheer season..ugh, but on a high note my kids got in to be the Light Parade, right in the front...

September - Kids went back to school. Chase in K, Landon in 1st and Emma in 5th. And of course football and cheer..ugh..again. We went on a mini trip to Lima, OH. Matt was working a car show so me and the kids went exploring. We ended up at the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum and it was actually pretty cool.

October - Pumpkins, Halloween and all that jazz. Landon and Chase were ninjas. They were the same one because they said that no one would be able to tell them apart..LOL. And of course football and cheer...ugh

November - oh November, how I love thee. This month was crazy busy. We had Chase's birthday, Landon's birthday, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and a whole bunch of other parties and events including Emma's cheer. Since they made it into the playoffs they were still going strong till mid November.

December - And one of my favorite months...December. Christmas was awesome this year. We were busy almost every weekend and sometimes during the week. The kids really got into the holiday spirit. We made sure they learned the true reason for the season. And they did, go ahead, quiz them..LOL (oh and I hit my goal of losing 40 lbs!!!)

I'm sure a whole bunch of other stuff happened this year but my brain hurts from trying to remember it all. If I think of something I might edit this and add it.