Friday, September 20, 2013

Football & Cheer a.k.a. I have no life anymore........

This sports season is proving to be a very long one. An exciting one, but long one.

Matt is still working 2nd shift so most of the transportation and such is falling on me. For the most part it's going well. There has only been a few days where I needed to be in two different fields at once.

The main thing is the kids are having SO.MUCH.FUN! Seriously, they are loving every single minute of it.

So let's start with Miss Emma

This photo was taken by her grandma and I am pretty sure it's my most favorite picture EVER!
Look at that smile. She makes my heart skip a beat! (Did ya notice she finally got her braces on?? Blue and Gold for Tallmadge! GO BLUE DEVILS!!)

Her 2013 Cheerleading picture.

Emma caught in the act. Just love it. Her grandma took this one too. 

This is Emma's 5th year cheering. She has come such a long way from where she started in 2nd grade. Her moves are tighter and her jumps are improving every year. We are so stinkin proud of her for sticking it out for 5 years!

Now's it's Landon "Wolfeman" Wolfe's turn!

Here is his 2013 D team football picture. Isn't he just about the cutest thing you ever did see??

And of course my absolute favorite picture of him right now. He looks so much like his daddy. Makes my heart melt into pieces!

Look at that #40!!! 

Landon has seriously come a long way in such a short time. When he first started the season, the coach wasn't having him play much and he was in positions that I knew were not right for him. But Landon proved himself and let me tell you that kid is a machine. He just runs in from no where and tackles. It's so great to hear your kids name being called out over the sound system over and over and over. It's a new proud that I never knew I had. 

Last, but not least, my baby Chase!

Chase's 2013 Flag Football Picture

This is my baby in his usual goofy self. He likes to dance on the field and sometimes I catch him trying to be a ninja. 

Look at that #4 - he is sooooo awesome!

Chase is a little tackling machine. And since they are not technically allowed to tackle at this level, this could be a problem. HAHAHA. He is always one of the kids that get the most flags, I guess he's alot like his brother. He uses his speed to get them flags! A few times he was able to run the ball and he made 2 touchdowns in ONE GAME!! Wow! I was so proud of him. He really loves playing and is looking forward to next year when he gets to play "real" football. 

And that's it. This has been my life since mid-July. Practice 4 days a week and Emma's game on Saturday. It's exhausting but so exciting. As much as I whine about it, I would totally do it all over again!