Tuesday, February 12, 2013

just some mindless dribble....

I am seriously slacking on my writing of 2 new posts each week. UGH. Well, whatever, I'm writing one now.

And this one is going to be pretty much a throw up of thoughts in my brain. (Even as I wrote that sentence I picture my head opening at the top and spewing...LOL)

I finally got a job. I job I really love. I work as a prep cook at a restaurant. Let me give you a little back story on why I like being in a kitchen( just not my own). I started busing tables at age 11, I was doing short order cooking with my mom at 13. I got my first real job at 14 busing tables. I went to culinary school (vocational school for high school) for 2 years all the while working in kitchens. I loved it. I can't explain what happens in the kitchen but for me it's so comfortable. I feel at home. I could do most of it with my eyes closed. I feel at ease. And the 2 GREAT points to all this is NUMBER ONE: I don't have to do any stinking dishes. NUMBER TWO: I do not take my work home with me, either mentally or physically.

I am toyed with the idea of going to an actual culinary school for years, like almost 20 years. I think I really want to do it. I have a whole list of reasons that I can't. Oh, well. maybe one day.

Kids are pretty good. I see Emma blossoming every single day. She is quickly growing into a young woman right before my eyes. I can't stand it. I want my little baby back with butt ruffle pants.

Landon just got into his first fight at school. He was on the swings at recess and saw 2 other kids "fighting", so he jumped off the swing and tackled one of the kids. At this point I was trying so hard not to laugh as the principal was telling me. So then the other boy tackled him. They both walked away with scratches on their faces. Apparently the boys were not fighting just playing rough. We did talk to Landon and let him know that if this ever happens again he needs to find an adult to report it. His heart was in the right place but his mind was apparently elsewhere. I love that kid to the moon and back. He has such a great heart for others.

And finally Chase. Chase had tubes put in his ears last Wednesday.That kid was a trooper. Not one complaint, not one scream, not even one tear. He did so well. Even after surgery in the recovery room I asked him if he wanted mommy or daddy to hold him and he said no and continued to watch Sponge Bob. I have to admit my heart broke a little. After Landon's 2 surgeries I held him. I held him the whole time :( But now hopefully Chase's ear infections will stop. That kid has had 13 ear infections in 12 months, some being double ear infections. Even on surgery day the nurse said his ears were getting very pink. It looks like he was about to have another ear infection.

Here is my little guy before surgery. He was so excited. I couldn't even keep him contained!!

And here is my little dude after. He looked worse then he actually was. We were only in recovery for about an hour and then we were sent home.
Chase was perfectly fine about 3 hours after we got home. He was running around playing and he ate alot of food. I was pretty nervous about the food because of him being put under but he did really well.
So let's see I have covered my job, my kids and that's about it. We live a pretty normal, boring life. I wish I had more to blog. But at the same time I am grateful that I don't have alot of bad stuff to blog anymore.
Right now life is good. I am in a good place. My kids are in a good place. My marriage is in a good place. Finances are in a good place. It's all good.........for this week.


Scope said...

Glad to hear things are looking up. You needed the winds to change.