Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I feel like I need to clarify my post from a few days ago.

I quit my job to be with my kids more. I quit my job to be a stay at home mom.

We are going to be just fine. Matt's job covers most expenses. I say most because I am going to have to change MY spending habits. Stop eating out as much as I do. Stop Target shopping trips. Only buy things that we need to survive. Only go out to eat once a week instead of 5 times a week.

This has been a long time coming. Not a decision that was made lightly. Not a decision that was made on my own.

I have told alot of people and people have different reactions. And here's what I say to that "OH WELL".

This is my family's life. I am taking the opportunity to show my kids that money isn't everything. We have gotten to a very bad place with kids and money. They think that they are entitled to certain things. I think I am entitled to things. Not true. I have figured that part out now it's Matt and I's turn to teach this to our children.

I truly believe my kids are going to be better people for it. I do not think that I am showing them anything less. I think my kids are going to love the time they are going to get to spend with me.

I am grateful that I have the chance to be a stay at home mom. I get to spend my mornings with my husband (he works 1230p to 9p), then I have 1230p to 330p to do my stuff. I can clean, do laundry, shower, catch up on shows, run errands, my God time, etc. Then from 330p till 915p I have my "kid" time. I have time to talk to them, make dinner with them, clean up after with them, homework time with them and all sorts of other things I have planned. I plan to not be as stressed with them. To actually enjoy their company.

Now, let me be clear about something. I am not saying I am going to be a stay at home mom forever. Should the right part time opportunity become available I will work. When I say right opportunity, I am saying part time between the hours of 9am-3pm, LOW stress, and a job I can leave my job there, not take home with me. Should this opportunity appear I will go back to work. I will not work weekends, I will not take my work home with me. I will not take a job so physically exhausting that I can't even make dinner because I am so tired.

And there you have it. I know I did not have to explain my decision. I do not OWE that to anyone. This is my choice to share. And it's going to be good!!