Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby Names

(** I totally stole this idea from a blog I just read**)

All the time I explain to people how we came up with our kids names. I wish I had some really great stories but I really don't but I am going to tell you anyways.

Emma Elizabeth

Emma Elizabeth. I just love this name. Emma is a name that I have loved since I was a little girl. Just a name that has stuck with me. Elizabeth is my grandma's middle name. And since my grandma is pretty amazing I decided that my daughter should be pretty amazing too. And when I say "I" decided the name I pretty much did. I was very lucky that my husband (the first one..LOL) was pretty great with letting me get my way with her name. Honestly I would found a way to name her this no matter what. Emma Elizabeth.....just amazing.
Landon Alexander

Baby number two - Landon Alexander. This name took us FOREVER to come up with. This is my first child with husband number two. He was not as laid back in the name department as the first one. I received an awesome baby name book and we literally went through the WHOLE ENTIRE BOOK. I made a list of names that I liked, not loved, but liked. Then I took the list to Matt and he pretty much vetoed all of them. Landon's name wasn't even on my original list. So I made Matt look in the book. He said the only one he sorta liked was Landon and I said "DONE". End of story. Landon is his first name. His middle name was a no brainer. Alexander. That was my grandpa's name. Just like my grandma, my grandpa is one of the most amazing men I have ever known. I am honored to have Landon have his middle name. Many, many men on my side of the family have the name Alex or Alexander. Right after he was born he totally looked like a Landon Alexander.
Chase Allen Lee

Now this one was a doosy. Since my first two children had some name from my family, Matt DEMANDED to have his middle name for this child's middle name. And there was no changing his mind. I had all these great names picked out that I loved. The only problem is I had used the middle name of Joseph (a prominent family name for my husbands side). I thought if I gave him Joseph he would be ok. I picked out Ethan Joseph and Aiden Joseph, neither name would of went well with Allen. Boo. He would not back down on the use of his middle name, Allen. And then I find out he does not care for names that begin with vowels...LOL. I really can't remember how we came up with Chase. I think we both saw it, liked it and that was that. I filled out all the paper work with the name Chase Allen. I had it all ready to roll for when the big day came. Well the big day came. We named him. I stayed hooked up to some IV drugs because I was having surgery the next day. Fast forward to next day after surgery. I was all drugged up and not thinking clearly. I called down to the records office and asked if I could change my babies name. I did. Chase Allen Lee. I added the Lee in honor of my brother. This is his middle name. Oops. And I kinda didn't tell Matt about it. Oops. He didn't find out until we got Chase's social security card in the mail. Oops. Luckily I have a great husband and he didn't kill me.
***Just some funny notes about my kids names
Emma's name is perfect. I didn't even have a back up name in case she turned out to be a boy. Her initials are EED, not to bad either.
Landon's name would of been Grace Irene. Grace being another name I love and Irene is the name of my grandma and one of Matt's grandma's. Landon's initials are LAW - this can go either way. He can either do good for the law or end up in the system..LOL
Chase's name would of been Isabella Grace. Those are just two names that I love. Chase's initials are CAW..and this just makes me laugh. The best part about Chase's name is filling out paperwork. I learned that when you fill out papers you only use the initial of his first middle name. So this would be Chase A. Wolfe. Wait for it to sink in. Wait. Wait. Wait. Did you get it yet??? Yep, this constantly cracks us up. Chase A. Wolfe.
And that's it. That's the story behind my kids names. Hope you were all entertained.