Monday, December 3, 2012

Trip down memory lane.....

Both the boys birthdays are in November. Chase is the 6th and Landon is the 29th. My boys are 11 months apart.

I've spent alot of time this month thinking about when they were little. Remembering how I felt like we were never going to make it through alive. I remembered all the crying. All the poop. All the sleepless nights. All the poop. All the bottles. All the poop. All doctors appointments. And did I mention, all the poop. I nicknamed our house "Poop City". Seriously, I did because seriously it was.

I remember all the people telling me it would get better. Sure, certain things got better but with each new age came new issues and problems.

As I was looking for the boys birthday pictures this month I got a chance to look at the thousands of pictures I took. I sat on my bed thinking about how much I missed those little babies. Those cute little chubby faces (well, Chase, not Landon, Landon has always been a twig..LOL). My uterus aches for another baby. But Matt and I cannot have anymore babies. (well, truth be told, Matt can but I would kill him). After Chase was born I had my tubes tied the day after (which I DO NOT recommend if you have a vaginal birth!! If you have a c-section then fine, your already cut open but DO NOT give birth vaginally then have them cut your stomach open. This equals double recovery time. Trust me. Don't let them fool you. And even LONGER recovery time when your incision gets infected). If this was the only thing stopping us, we could fix it but in August of 2008 I had to have an ablation of my uterus. So basically they just burned it all out. I still have all my girly parts and I know sometimes the tubal can reverse naturally and sometimes your uterus can heal it self but odds are not looking to good for me. Oh, well. I have my 3 babies and I am so happy with that.

And now I leave you with some really cute pictures of my kids..... ENJOY!!

Emma at 2 1/2 

Emma at 2 1/2 and me

Just a few hours after Chase was born - First photo with all 3 kids.

Right before Chase was born. Landon is 11 months and Emma is about 3 1/2

Yep - Chase is my belly and got my girl right beside me.

Still at the pumpkin patch...

Just after a bath at the new house. Chase is about 6 months old and Landon is 17 months old.

Landon about 17 months old.

Chase about 6 months old and yes he is playing with cords.

First Christmas card with all 3 kids. Emma is 4 1/2, Landon is 1 and Chase is about a month old.

I could go on and on with adorable pictures of these three. Honestly as much as I loved the baby stages, I am so happy to see them grow into their own little people. And they are all pretty awesome.