Monday, December 24, 2012

Random Act of Kindness.....

This is a post about a random act of kindness. No, I did not do one (yet), my hubby and I were the very grateful recipients of one.

It happened almost 3 hours ago and I am still in shock and awe.

Every Christmas Eve we go out to dinner. We like to hit up a local hibachi spot called Otani's. It's a hole in the wall, small, dim, needs a good scrubbing but the food is good and the price is good. You basically get a BOGO with the Entertainment Card.

So this year we went back. There was practically no one in there. A few minutes after we were sat the hostess brought a little but older couple to sit with me, Matt and the boys. We chatted for a few minutes about the kids, about Christmas and about the restaurant. Other then that, we enjoyed are meal and talked between our family.

When the check came the waitress handed me back my Entertainment Card but not the little plastic thing the bill comes on. I just sat there like "huh". I looked at the waitress hand BOTH of them to the couple sitting with us. They told us we have a beautiful family and this one is on them.

I sat there completely shocked. I felt my eyes tear up. I had a few run down my face. At that point it was kind of a blur. I know Matt and I both asked them if they were sure. I asked them if they were serious.

Lately you have been hearing about all these random acts of kindness. I have heard of so many awesome things my friends and family are doing. It felt weird to be on the receiving end. I was extremely grateful and humbled. I felt more alive. I felt my spirit in people renewed. I felt Christmas. I'm not sure if you can feel Christmas, but I'm telling you, I felt Christmas.

I know these people don't follow my blog but I just have to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!! Money is tight. I saved and budgeted so we could go out to dinner like we always do. I dislike breaking tradition. Now our bank account can breathe a little. We only have $40 in the account and I know the dinner would of been close to $30, then we hit up McDonald's to get the boys a Happy Meal (they don't eat our kinda food). Our bank account would been left with literally a few dollars till Friday.

With that being said, I am going to talk to Matt and discuss how he wants to pay it forward. We now have an extra $30 (we still stopped and got the boys some grub). I want to spread it around as far as it will go. We have everything we need till Friday. We have gas in our cars and food in the fridge. We are set. So now I want to go spread some Christmas. I want someone to feel as good as I did tonight.


Scope said...

Maybe but some soup and donate it to the local food bank? $30 in soup is a lot of soup and you know it will be going to people who need it.

Glad you got filled with the Christmas spirit.