Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the Winner Is............................

Chase!!!! Yeah, my last born finally won something.

I firmly believe that my two boys, Landon who is 3 1/2 and Chase who is 11 months younger (2 1/2) are in a fierce competition this year to see who can get sick/hurt more and who can freak mommy out more. I am have been to the ER sooooo much and that's not a joke. My friends and family ask if we have a room for us or if we get some kinda frequent flyer miles. It really is that bad.

So yesterday about 1130am Chase took a pretty bad spill on the driveway. I came home from work at noon and checked him out. His chin is messed up, his nose was bleeding, then I asked him to stick his tongue out......OMG....... it was prolly the grossest thing I have seen in awhile.

I freaked, called the docs office, of course they were closed for lunch so I call the after hours number. They asked me a bunch of questions and made me check his teeth and they had me look at his tongue over and over. Not cool, really not cool. So in the end we decided not to do anything about it, just let him be, give him soft food, no salt, no citrus and rinse his mouth after every meal.

Well....... I go back to work from 4-8 and I get home about 830pm and all the kids run up and of course I have to check out my boys tongue, so he sticks it out and honest to God, I am pretty sure a little vomit came up in my mouth. it looked sooooo bad. I had Matt look at it and even two of the neighbors.

So I put the siren on top of the Jeep and took off for the ER, and basically tongues are really strong and they can withstand so much, so they just cleaned it and his chin and sent us on our merry way.

So Chase definitely wins this round - He was sooooo gross, oh yeah, here's a picture - don't worry, I won't slip you any tongue


Abstaining Irene said...

oh dear...poor Chase! I don't know if I would've been able to stay strong for him. You're a good mom! And you know he'll be talking about this one for years cuz it was, "So cool!" Glad he's ok!