Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big things are coming.....

So here is my big dilema, I got a call yesterday from one of my bosses asking me to come the shelter staff meeting next Monday, so I could stay on top of things. I was over the moom thay they called and want me to come, that means I am still an employee and I am on there minds. Well today I get a call from the same boss offering me two positions, so here they are, then I am going to list all my concerns about all the options, so you better have your reading glasses on and a cup of coffee (or any preferred drink) cause this is going to get complicated.

Hours are as follows: Monday and Tueday 8 hrs each day ( I can work out the actual hours worked) and this is at one of the Akron shelters, which is like 2 miles from my house and the same shelter I have worked at before
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 4pm till Midnight at the Medina shelter, which is a good half hour away

so that would equal 40 hours, soooo.....

I dont know if I am ready to give up my weekends. I would be able to do nothing and lets not forget the drive and he gas money (my car gets about 14miles per gallon)

If I just take the 16 hour a week a job that is not enough to pay bills and I would lose my unemployment.

If I dont take any of them, I think that would look really bad and they might think that I am not serious about coming back.

And let me clarify, boss lady said she was "offering" me both, or either of the poistions.

Or, I could counter offer with this, I could offer to volunteer Tues, Weds and Thurs for about 4 hours a day doing the work of the 16 hr a week job and I could still collect my full unemplyment until mid july. That way I am still "working" and I am availabe for any full time position that comes up in the Akron area.

Or if I take the 16 a week job there is always the possibilty of picking up shifts, you know when people call off or vacation or such, after looking at the budgets and bills, we could pull this off with me only working 24 a week, but those sub shifts are not guaranteed

I just have a really bog decision to make and my mind is spinning. I really want to go back but I really dont want to work so far away and lose every weekend, if it was 8am to 4pm, sure I would take it, but it's not. I would have to leave me house by 315-330 to make it to work by 4, then I wouldnt get home until 1230 at the earliest and have to get up with the kids in the morning. Then on Sundays work 3-midnight and prolly be in to the other shelter around 9am


I am going to have to write this all down on a piece of paper and get all my thoughts organized and really think about this decision.

I really really really want to work there. I absolutley love it, so leaving is not an option, but if I dont take either of the jobs, then who knows what else I would get offered. And what if they get offened about the volunteerring to do the job.

But as a wife and mother, I do have to think about the financial well being of my family. I do have to put our needs first rather then mine. I have to make sure I make enough money to put food on the table and gas in the car and pay the bills we have to pay,

Sure Matt makes decent money but the reality is, it's not enough, I do have to work, I do have to pay some of the bills. I need to bring in $950 a month, thats what I need to contribute and by taking the 16 hour a week job that leaves me almost $350 short of that goal. With the 16hr job, I need to bring in about $100 more a week then what I would get paid.

I just dont know what to do. I am sooooo confused!!

Oh and this $950 does not include the babysitter, thats just what we need right now while I am not working when I start full time then we need to add $480 on to that. But I am not thinking clearly right now and things are getting so jumbled.

I just need to start a spreadsheet of all the options and sit down with Matt and figure out the best road to go...

And did I mention I had until Friday, Monday at the very latest- Ughhhh -Lord Help Me!!