Monday, February 2, 2009

I feel so bad......

So I have not been a nice person lately. I have been snapping at my sister, my friends, my husband and my children. I NEED A BREAK!!! but on the other hand I want to do fun stuff with my hubby and children but leave whenever I want to. I think this is normal but who knows.

My best friends mom died today a little before 330pm. I feel terrible for her and I am finding my self getting really upset and crying over this. I have only met her mom a handful a times but I cant understand why I am so upset. I think I am upset for my friend who just lost her mother to cancer. Then it gets me thinking about my own mother and well you know the rest. And to top it off I dont know what I can do for her. I want to be there and help out and do whatever I can but I dont know what that is. I wish I could just do more, be a better friend.

So I am not sure why this blog is so blah, my myspace one is so much better. Maybe I need to change when I am blogging or something. If you want check out You wont be disappointed


Amy Fichtner said...

That is really sad about her mom. I'm sure you just being there for her to talk to right now is good enough. Don't worry, I really didn't notice your attitude, maybe because I have one too!! LoL