Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Giveaway Coming Soon!!

I will be having my very first giveaway very very soon!! Watch for it!

Until then, I leave you with this picture!

This lovely jewel was found in Chase's ear 3 weeks ago. I took the boys in to the regular doc because they were both really sick and when the doc checked Chase's ear he suggested we go to the ENT because he had a "foreign object" stuck way down in his ear.

So we made the appt. at the ENT. The ENT gets his fancy goggle things and looks in his ear and sure enough there was something in there. The ENT even let me see!! It took awhile to get it out and I was getting kinda nervous because at one point the ENT said that he wasn't sure if he could get it and we might have to book an OR. I instantly got a nervous tummy! The jewel was located right on top of his ear drum and the ENT said it was blocking 100% of his hearing.

My poor baby!! The ENT was able to get it out but not without MAJOR screaming from Chase. We had to take him back in one week for a hearing test. The ENT was concerned because it was sitting right on top of the ear drum.

On the way home from getting the jewel removed, I was casually talking to Chase and he goes "Mommy, I can hear you now" - It made my heart break. I wish I had known that he shoved something in his ear. I could of helped him.

Later that night he said the same thing to Daddy, "Daddy, I can hear you now" It was awesome.

We took him for his hearing test last Tuesday and thankfully everything came out good. ENT dude said he has the normal allergy/sinus hearing loss but nothing significant. YEAH!!

So stayed tuned for the GIVEAWAY coming soon!


Dual Mom said...

What is it? I can't really tell from the pic.

One of my boys once stuck a jelly bean up his nose. It eventually melted but he nose ran blue until it did. Hilarious.

Brenda Mason Young said...

Love this column, and love your new look here.

Mad Woman said...

Aww poor little dude! Glad to hear he's ok. It would have broken my heart too.

I like giveaways, even the ones I can't win, cos I get to tell other people about them. Bring it on baby! (Oh, and I'm having one on Saturday too!)

Aunt Juicebox said...

I used to stick stuff up my nose. Drove my mother crazy! Heh.