Thursday, May 2, 2013

#tbt - The Dreaded Hospital

I remember this week so clearly. Landon was about 9 weeks old and went into the hospital for a whole week with RSV.
This was about the scariest week of my life. I didn't leave Landon's side all week (except to shower one time). Matt had to leave to go to work a couple of those days.

(side note: Matt looks sooooo young!! He had just turned 20!!)

And what made things MUCH worse a local radio station was there doing their radio a thon. UGH. 24 hours a day for 48 hours. Did I mention UGH. It was incredibly hard to concentrate or sleep or pretty much do anything. They have since changed the formatting of the radio a thon to day time hours only. I bet they had MANY complaints from parents like me.

Just look at that face. He was so miserable. The doctors and nurses at the hospital were completely amazing throughout our stay.

We were in the hospital during the week of Valentine's Day. Needless to say we celebrated after Landon was out of the hospital and BAM, Chase was born 9 months later. Oops.
And yes, math was right. 2 kids within one year.
Landon was a new 11 months old when Chase was born.
It was crazy but we all survived!!!