Friday, January 11, 2013


Ugh. We have pretty much been housebound since Thanksgiving. It's been a blast!! NOT!!!

I will try to keep this story short. We found out the Tuesday before Thanksgiving that my daughter had a head FULL of lice. Like I am talking FULL of lice. I shudder thinking about it. We treated her that night, kept checking her, treated her again, treated me, kept checking.

We stayed pretty much away from people :( That means hardly any parties, no church, etc.

By Christmas Eve I thought we had the problem solved. It was great. Being with humans again. Being around friends and family.

Well, the day after Christmas we found out she had lice again, along with Landon and Chase. UGH.

So after treating her and it not working and discussing it with Matt, we decided to take her to a local  professional lice removal place. It was 100% guaranteed and she gets checkups every week for a few weeks after. So we dropped a crap ton of money and got her treated. We shaved the boys heads and picked all the nits out by hand.

We kept Emma home for almost two weeks. No friends. No dads house. Almost nothing.

After that we decided it would be ok for her to go back to her dads. That was just this past weekend.

She will get one more checkup Tuesday or Wednesday at the lice removal place and if she is lice free will be given the green light to reenter society. We can go to church. We can hang with friends. We can do sleepovers.

It's been a long month. I feel so out of the loop. I feel disconnected. I watch my church's service online but it's just not the same as going and seeing everyone. I love to talk and catch up with everyone. I love the fellowship. It's been hard.

So please be patient with us. We will be back at church soon. I know deep down they appreciate me NOT bringing me or my kids to church with LICE.