Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hold Me While I have a MELTDOWN

I had my first official moving meltdown yesterday. Hubby is not very happy with me right now. Actually we haven't spoken since 8pm Tuesday...oops

OK, so here's the scoop. I am a planner. I am a list maker. So I made a bunch of lists detailing what we need to get done each day until the move.

I tend to freak out if I get off schedule or plans get messed up.

So I woke up at 630pm which was 1 1/2 hours behind schedule. So naturally I am already in a tizzy. We get to the new house and NE HAS DONE NOTHING ON THE LIST!! I had 5 or 6 things I wanted him to do before we went over and NOTHING was done.

I may want to add in that I also woke up sick. Not like really sick but sinus sick. I felt like complete crap, so that didn't help my attitude.

So we are over there working and my mouth just starts. I am complaining and yelling and name calling and then I decide to go to the playroom, tell the kids to get there shoes on and get in the car. I tell Matt either your spending the night here or your getting in the car now.

We spent a whole 45 minutes pretty much doing nothing at the new house.

And because I was a big bratty baby we have a TON on work to do on Saturday . Saturday the day where I wanted to spend sometime with the kids now we have to complete all the stupid work we didn't get done today.

I am so mad at my self. I don't know why I couldn't just stick it out and get some work done. I am such an idiot sometimes.

Our old house is about 85% cleared out except for the furniture we need to live from for the next week and a half. We have the kitchen, half of the bathroom and a little bit more in Emma's room to take over and all the stuff will be over. Friday before the big move I am taking all the clothes and non perishable food. So yeah, we do have alot done but I want more. I want the new house to be almost all put away before big moving day. I want to be able to plop all the furniture in and be done. We are even going to hang all the crap in the kids rooms, bathrooms and dining room before the big day.

That's the plan anyways.....hahahahaha.


Mad Woman said...

Ahh we all have days like that. Heck, I just had a WEEK like that! Go and give him a hug and tell him you're sorry you're a big tool. He'll get over it. And if he doesn't? At least it's quiet!