Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Cell Phone Picture Tuesday

I am starting a new Tuesday tradition for my blog. I am going to post on Tuesday's with the random cell phone pics that I have taken from the week. So let's get started......

This is the very large coffee mug my coworkers got for me while I was out sick. It fits a can of soup perfectly. I love it!

And here is Emma trying on her first pair of glasses ever. She was was so darn excited to get the glasses. At least now she will be able to read better and might move her grade from a B to an A in reading.

The huge snow mound in front of my house. Picture taken from the drive way.

Logan (my nephew) and Chase at my brother in laws birthday party. (I still find it weird to call him my brother in law since he just turned 6)

The lovely fence in my back yard. Yeah, we are gonna need to replace that as soon as the weather turns nice.

And last, my new hair cut. I actaully got it cut December 5th but it still looks like this.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the Random Cell Phone Pictures Tuesday!! Look for it again next Tuesday!!