Thursday, February 18, 2010

L.I.B. Weight Week ????

OK, so I have seriously lost track of what week I am supposed to be posting for. This is supposed to be for Monday, but, yeah, kinda behind on that. I have had alot going on this week and whatever, I just didn't feel like posting. (That reminds me, I should get a real post out here soon)

Ok, so here it is...............................231lbs!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you freakin believe it???

I have been doing sooooooo good!! Well, getting really sick helped quite a bit!

I am only 11 lbs from my first goal!!!


adrienzgirl said...

Going down down down baby! Woot!!

Great work!

Resentful Wife said...

WOW! That is awesome...I'm gonna have to do some digging in your archives to see where you started!

You are doing awesome!