Friday, November 7, 2014

To Chase on his 8th birthday.......

 November 6, 2014

To my sweet son, Chase,

Your dad and I are two of the luckiest people I know. We were blessed with 3 terrific kids. You being the very last.

From day one you were quite the surprise for your dad and me. See, your brother, Landon, was about 9 weeks old when we found out that you were on the way. See. You were already doing your own thing even way back then.

Since the day you were born life has been just a little nuts. Having 3 kids make your hair turn gray very quickly. were a great baby! You reached all your milestones in your own time. Although you did have us worried when you were almost 6 months old and still not rolling over. Little did we know that you were just tricking us. You would roll in your crib at night but not in front of anyone. I should of known then that you were going to do what you wanted when you wanted.

Having you as our last baby was such a treat. You have always been sweet and snuggly. Always. Still are.

Your dad and I am so incredibly proud of the little man you are becoming. You have such a caring, compassionate heart. You are always there to take care of someone who needs it (well, except when it comes to Landon and Emma...LOL). I have even gotten notes and emails from your teachers that you help take care of kids who need it.

You always befriend everyone. Always. You see no difference in girls or boys, white or black, older or younger. That makes us proud beyond words.

You are such a goofball too. You know just how to make us all laugh. Just the other day while we were playing charades.....4 days later and I am still laughing over your "Sleeping Beauty" charade. I wish I would of video taped it.

I believe you are wise beyond your years. You know how to have fun and embrace the moment. That's something you are teaching me.

So sorry for blabbing on and on about you. You just make us so proud to call you our son.

We love you with all our hearts.

You will always be my Chasey.


Mom and Dad