Friday, November 7, 2014

3 Days in NYC

A few weeks ago the husband and I went to New York City for 3 days with NO KIDS! Can you believe it?? You heard it right. NO KIDS.

We are calling it our 10 year anniversary trip. Technically it's our almost 9 1/2 year anniversary trip, but whatever. Details.

We had such a great time. I only almost pushed him off the subway platform once. And hey, I think that says alot.

Before I tell you all we did and bombard you with pictures, here are something I have learned and noticed about NYC:

* NYC is a beautiful city. It was not dirty or smelly. People were almost always friendly. The unfriendly people were typically in the shops or restaurants that we visited. Kinda sad.
*There are not nearly enough public restrooms or trash cans. Nope. If you gotta go like now, good luck. Better wear Depends.
*There is seriously a Starbucks on every corner. Yum.
*The weekend was not nearly as busy as the week. Honestly on Sunday we talked about how there were more people in Vegas when we went. The Monday that all changed.
*I cannot for the life of me read a map. But I soon became the subway pro.
*Don't go explore Grand Central Station during rush hour then hop on your train to head back to the hotel. Seriously. Sardines. Tight. Gross.
*Using your phone to navigate does not work well. Neither of our phones could ever get an accurate location. Hence, reading a real map. Which to reiterate, I totally stink at.

Ok so here is the low down on all that we did! Mind you, we did walk 30-35 miles in 3 days and we honestly took the train a lot!

Times Square
Rockefeller Plaza (Top of the Rock)
FAO Schwartz
walk down 5th Avenue
Central Park
Horse drawn carriage ride in Central Park
Staten Island (drove by the Statue of Liberty)
Battery Park
Little Italy
Wall Street
Lots and lots of shops
911 Memorial
Lots and lots of food
Central Park Zoo
Opening Night for the NBA in Times Square

I am probably forgetting a ton. NYC has lots of things you kind of just walk by and snap a picture of. We did lots and lots of that.

Our favorite spot would have to be Little Italy. We spent a lot of time there and ate the most food there. Seriously. Homemade pastas. Homemade sauce. Homemade Italian desserts.