Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some Randomness for your Wednesday

Since my last blog was a little heavy, I decided to lighten it up with some random things that you may not know about me. 

Get ready because I am pretty nuts!

1. My food cannot touch other food on my plate. Especially is there is sweet vs. savory. I will not eat it. I am usually the one who gets 2-3 plates at a buffet or pot luck. 

2. I have a bedtime routine that cannot be broken. If it's broken then I cannot sleep. My routine consists of facing one way for x amount of time while playing Solitaire. Then I have to face the other way, then I switch. Actually there is whole bunch more but I think you get the crazy picture.

3. Crumbs are the devil. Seriously. I HATE crumbs. I am constantly cleaning off the table and counters and floor. I would rather leave a sink full of dishes up to the ceiling for days and days rather then a few crumbs be in my kitchen. 

4. I have lists. Oh boy do I have lists. I have a daily to do list, a weekly to do list, a monthly to do list. I have a list of the lists I have. Also I have a grocery list. I have a daily work list. I am a little nutso over my lists. However, I have found that 4x6 index cards are my favorite. Oh, and I have other lists, like for vacation and such. Let me tell you how weird I am. I am going on vacation the last week in May and my packing list is half way done already. Yup. For real. 

5. As soon as I come home from work (or where ever I have to wear real clothes a.k.a jeans) I open the front door, shut the front door, remove pants. I feel like the dad in The Goldberg's. I am beyond addicted to my sweat (yoga) pants. I even have different levels of sweat pants such as :appropriate to wear to Walmart, Target, Dinner (depends where we go). I have light sweats, heavy sweats, all sorts of neutral colors. Basically I have a ton and where I go depends on which ones I wear.

SIDE NOTE: I think y'all are seeing some OCD in here. Well, your right. I have a lot some OCD. I know this. My husband knows this and it's all good.

6. I cannot fathom wearing a black shirt and brown shoes or vice verse. I know it can be done. I see people every day. But my brain thinks if I am wearing a brown type shirt I need brown shoes and same with the black. I have tried. I feel weird. 

7. None of my inbox's in any of my emails can have anything in it. Work, personal, Facebook, whatever, it's all empty. I either take care of it right away, delete it or throw it into a folder. Also I cannot have any Facebook notifications. As soon as I get something I look and either respond now or later. If I need to do anything with emails or Facebook it goes on a list mentioned in "Crazy thing Kelly does #4".

8. I get everywhere obnoxiously early. Well, except work in which I am late almost every single day. I am working at being early. It used to be like 30 minutes early. I am at a point now where I am like 10 minutes early. Occasionally I will be late to things because my brain is trying to process when I should leave so I don't show up way too early then I leave and hit traffic or something and I yell at myself all the way there for not listening to myself. 

9. Even though I know where I am going I still throw almost everything into the GPS. I don't do it when Matt's around because I know he would laugh at me. I just like know that I am going the best way possible. And I love knowing how long it will take me to get there. And then I try to beat that time. 

10. I don't like vegetables. Only peas.

And there you have it. Enough info just so that people think I am slightly bizarre. For those of you that know me in real life already know how bizarre I really am.