Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Update on the ADHD situation.....

We have had Landon off of his medication for a lot of the summer. Boy, was that tough. Really tough.

I am not going to bore you with all the reasons we decided that.

We only had one major incident. It was over some pizza rolls. He just lost it. I told him that if he did not eat his dinner then he was not allowed to have a snack later. He ate half his dinner so I compromised and told him that he could have a healthy snack at bedtime. Well, he wanted pizza rolls. I stood my ground. Matt and I have to show him that he does not run this show.

It ended badly. It ended up with flipped furniture, other kids hiding in my room, lots of screaming, lots of crying. Just a complete meltdown....for both of us.

Ended up with me on phone with a friend who works at the local children's hospital, crying and basically freaking out. I had never seen him like this. He was completely crazed. He scared me. He scared the other kids.

All over some damn pizza rolls.

And NO, I could not give in to him. I have done too much of that in the past. I have to work on showing him that he DOES have to listen to rules and there ARE consequences for his actions. If I gave in he would just keep expecting me to give in.

Thank goodness school is back in! Landon has been taking his medication every day and he is doing REALLY well! He has a little bit of trouble after school but that's when I make him take his patch off so he can really bring it at football. (The patch takes 2-3 hours we wear off). The patch tends to slow him down, which is of course what we want - just not for FOOTBALL!! WOOHOO!!! So by the time he gets off the bus he is really slow. It makes it hard for him to want to even get ready for practice.

I feel so bad for him. He did ask to be like this. It's so hard to explain to a 7 year old why he has to take medicine every day. A medicine he knows is going to make him not want to eat and tire him down later.

One day he actually asked me if he could have a HUGE breakfast before putting on his patch. He knows he won't be eating much lunch. I just feel for him. I feel bad for our family.

Landon having ADHD does not affect only him. It affects practically everyone he comes in contact with. The whole family dynamic changes. But that's a whole other post...LOL

SO now I leave you with a few recent pictures. Just know that he is doing really good. We are all really good (ummm, yeah, that's pretty much a lie).

This is a pretty normal sight for him. Being a goofball.

This was on our Maid of the Mist boat tour in Niagara Falls.

This is my ultimate new favorite picture of Landon. It's just perfect. This picture represents what I want him to be. This is what I see when I look at him throwing tantrums. This is what I see when I am throwing tantrums because he can't "just listen". 

It's all going to be OK. This experience is all part of bigger plan. What that plan is, well, I'm just not sure. We are putting our faith in God and going with it. I know it's all going to be ok.