Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Football Time!!!

My boys are rockin it this year!!! Landon is in his second and last year of flag football and Chase is in his first year. I am so proud of these two.

Landon plays quarterback most of the time. He gets about 2-3 touchdowns per game. And playing defense he is getting flags left and right. He runs like he has jet packs strapped to his feet. That kids amazes me.

Chase is all about defense. If this were tackle football there would be alot of little guys on the ground. Chase is supposed to be just blocking but he has the tendency to just lay em out. And he is one of the smallest guys on the team but will take down kids much bigger then him.

These two guys rock!!!

So of course I am gonna post some pictures of them......

My boy Landon, #11

Chase's turn running the ball, #4

Perfect air shot of Landon

Chase doing what he does best, trying really hard not to tackle this kid


Chase and Landon right after Landon's touchdown!!

Like I said, these two boys rock my world!!!