Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life...Not so bad.....

I have been to the doctors umpteen times in the past few weeks.....I'm just leucky he didn't admit me...hahahha.

I can laugh now because the doctor has me on a nice cocktail of meds that I take daily and nightly. The one I take during the day helps almost instantly and the other meds are to stabilize my bi polar.

There, I said, it is out in the open and for every one to read. I have bi polar type 1. I do not like to tell people because they either think I just made it up or they treat me like I am nuts.

With having the bipolar, I do a lot of dumb things. I am quick to anger. My anxiety is through the roof. I do and say things on impulse. I have low self esteem and the world seems hard to handle at times.

I do not intend to take the medicines forever...just for a little while. I intend to use my faith in God to help me cross these thorny paths in life. I intend to lean on my moms group at church for support. I intend to meet with my Transformation mentor, Karen, weekly (a church program to help you build your faith). And the hubby and I are going to attend couples therapy.

Being on the meds lets me have more of a clear mind to focus on God and my family and my healing.

I have been on the meds for 2 weeks now and I am doing really well. My husband and I have spent some quality time talking. My kids and I am actually playing and having fun.

I am spending my time in a much a better mood. I am sleeping much better.

So that's about it. That is the update. I am doing better...not there yet...but better