Tuesday, January 26, 2010

L.I.B. Weigh In Week 3

Be prepared for some disappointment folks....

That's right, I gained weight.

I do not have a picture but I will tell you, it's not pretty. I gained like 3 lbs and some odd oz. So I am back up to 241 and some oz.

Okay, so maybe 2 days worth of Olive Garden and all the desserts I have been eating and the pizza or the Taco Bell. Those were prolly not the best ideas.

I messed up, I admit it.

I am just going to have to work harder and smarter (right after I eat this cupcake......hahaha)

No seriously, I just have to refocus and get back on track. I can do it and I will do it.

Please be gentle with your comments, I am a cry baby.


adrienzgirl said...

*cracks whip*

Get back on the wagon babe! You can do this! :D

Dual Mom said...

Don't worry, my rant errr I mean post which I will put up later today will make you feel better.

Misery loves company right? lol

Seriously, I totally know you'll get back on track this week.

Sharon said...

Don't let one week get you down. You can start over today!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Yes, just start over. I've had a few rough patches too, but I refuse to give up this time. =)

Margaret said...

First....good for you for being able to realise what it is you did wrong.

Second...consider this a virtual kick in the ass to get back on track.

Feel free to email me any time if you want some support...or ANY of these gals I'm sure!! We're here for you and WITH you.

I'm going for a walk for an hour tomorrow. 30 minutes out, 30 minutes back. Will you do the same? We can walk "together" from different sides of the world.