Wednesday, January 13, 2010

L.I.B. Week One Weigh In

Okay so I totally know it's Wednesday, sorry bout that.

My picture came from Monday but I had a bad few days and didn't have time to post. I hate having those depressed days where you don't even feel like getting out of bed.

So this week, I did pretty bad I didn't eat like a I supposed to and I did not exercise like I should of, but in the end I did lose almost 2lbs. 2lbs is 2lbs - just glad at this point I didn't gain.

And I know this is an excuse but my 'monthly visitor" was here and that's where all the carb cravings were coming from. It took me awhile to figure this one out since my uterus is all burned out and stuff. As soon as I got some pimples, I knew it was that time of the month. The past day or so my cravings have went away and I am feeling normal again.
Goals for this week (which we are already a few days into)
Drink More Water
Take clear broth soups to work to eat
cereal or oatmeal to work for breakfast
watch portions
back off carbs
try some exercise this week
Okay folks, that's it. 2lbs is 2 lbs - wish it was more but there is always next week to put everyone to shame


Dual Mom said...

Think of the butter woman (ie my post on LIB). You're damn straight two pounds is two pounds! Good for you!

I'm hoping to do better this week too.

Alex said...

A loss is a loss!

Mad Woman said...

2 pounds is AWESOME!! Good for you! That's fantastic!

adrienzgirl said...

2 lbs is great!

Kat said...

Great job on the weight loss, no matter if you don't think it's enough. You are on your way!!