Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am now a food critic.....read on peeps, read on!!

I have a new part time job! I have decided to be a food critic with a co worker of mine. Every Friday morning, we are hitting a new local restaurant here in Northeast Ohio and giving a review. We decided to do this because we go out to breakfast on Friday mornings and food is what we both love (besides helping survivors of Domestic Violence). I am getting ready to post our first review. I'll be honest, mine is sucky but Deb's is awesome. She is such a talented writer, I gotta step up my game for next week.

Below is the information posted on Facebook, take a few minutes and check us out!!

"Deb & Kelly... CIS warriors by profession, humorous food critics at heart. We have decided to share with our readers the adventures of the most important meal of the day... Breakfast ! Our tasteful or sometimes tasteless journey's will take you to some of Northeast Ohio's finest breakfast hot spots where the food, service, and value will be scrutinized by these 2 very notable food connoisseur's. With over 60 years of combined eating experience; you can't go wrong with Deb & Kelly's "EGG" celent Adventure's ! Follow us on FACEBOOK"


Mad Woman said...

Hahaha! Good idea! Like the review of Woodys!

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Very cool. You're doing what you love. That's what matters!