Thursday, October 15, 2009

Come get to know me!!

Since I am pretty new to the bloggy world, I though I would steal this from Mad Woman and share a little bit about myself. I know my blogs have been downers lately but that is going to change (well, not all the time) but I am going to be posting my restaurant reviews every Monday and then I am going to steal from some other blogs to figure out what I should do the rest of the week. Hmmm, any suggestions??

So here are the ABC's of Me!! Yeah, everything you always wanted!!

A – ADVOCATE FOR: I am advocate for Domestic Violence Victims and Sexual Assault Victims. I currently work for a domestic violence shelter and love working with the women and children who have to come and live here.

B – BEST FEATURE: My hubby would say my boobies of course, I mean they are a little large and all but he loves them. I love my lips. They are nice and plump without being too plump I can't drink out of a straw

C – COULD DO WITHOUT: My children fighting. Dieting. Bills.

D – DREAMS & DESIRES: I want to be a good mom. I want to be a good wife. I want to pay off all my debt and buy some new cars. I want to be famous for something, just not sure what that is yet....

E – ESSENTIAL ITEMS: My 3 favorite outfits, all from the GAP. They include a sweatshirt and sweat pants each in pink, blue, brown. I wear them to work EVERY NIGHT. I do laundry on Wednesday and it starts over, then on Sundays I wear normal clothes, you know, like jeans and a nice shirt. I need my coffee, Pepsi, my laptop with charger and MY CELL PHONE!!

F – FAVORITE PAST TIME: Ok, time to get all corny, but I LOVED my high school dances. All of them, really I did. It was such a magical time where I could dress up and look beautiful and leave all my problems somewhere else for a few hours.

G – GOOD AT: I am AWESOME at cooking and baking, you know, when I actually do. I grew up in restaurants and went to cooking school. I would do it more but I HATE cleaning up and putting everything away.

H – HAVE NEVER TRIED: Rock climbing. It just looks like alot of work and painful if something goes wrong. I try to avoid work at all costs.

I – IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: Sell my stupid house and buy a nice big one with all the crazy stuff like an inside pool, an outside pool, a basketball court, a theater, each kid has there own rooms, each kid has a play room (cause when they have friends over, they can call play separate), nice large open concept house, nice outdoor seating with fireplace and built it BBQ, a master bedroom with an equally size master bath and walk in closet, the whole house would be hardwood with heated floors, 2 offices (cause I ain't sharing with the hubby no more), a scrapbook room, a "man" room, has to have a HUGE garage cause hubby loves to play with his cars, oh and I would buy a few cars. But I would also donate a ton to church, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault victims, set of college funds for my kids and then give some to my bro and sister.

J – JUNKIE FOR: Taco Bell (please no yelling) I LOVE that place. I know it's crap and made from all kinds of funky stuff but I can't get enough and I HAVE to wash it down with some Pepsi

K – KINDRED SPIRIT: I have 2 really great friends, Tara and Christina. Both are unique in there own ways and I get to share different sides of myself with them. I love them dearly and would do anything for them or their families.

L – LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I was a Betty Bad Ass in school. My sister and I worked as a team. You knew not to mess with the Robinson girls. After many many many suspensions and detentions, I eventually graduated and joined the Army. I credit the Army for turning my life around and making me a respectable human being.

M – MEMORABLE MOMENT: The day all my children were born (one day I will write it all down so I can remember when I'm old) And I know it's not a great memorable moment, but I remember standing in the court room getting divorced from my first husband, also know as, The Worst Day of My Life. I know there are people out there that question that, but it was truly something I would not wish on my worst enemy, ever.

O – OCCASIONAL INDULGENCE: A date with my Awesome Hubby!!

P – PROFESSION: Crisis Intervention Specialist and mother to 3 adorable but mouthy children.

Q – QUOTE: "Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to no one" William Shakespeare

R– REASON TO SMILE: Watching my youngest talk on and on about nothing at all

S – SORRY ABOUT: Hurting too many people thought my life so far. Some on purpose, others accident. I am truly sorry.

T -THINGS THAT ARE WORRYING YOU RIGHT NOW: Bills, Marriage, Children, Keeping my job, Life in general...

U – UNINTERESTED IN:Snow and everything snow involves

V – VERY SCARED OF: Being alone and losing my children

W – WORST HABITS: Smoking and cussing. Some of the great things the Army has taught me.

X – X MARKS MY IDEAL VACATION SPOT: Virginia Beach, Virginia. Same old spot we go to almost every year and every year it's the best vacation I have ever had.

Y – YUMMIEST DESSERT: Chocolate cake, especially if it's the 3 layer triple chocolate cake from a little restaurant called Farmer Boy, only $2.59 a slice!

Z – ZODIAC SIGN: Leo. Center of attention and stubborn, hmmmm, does kinda sound like me