Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Many More Random Thoughts and Pictures

I can't believe I am already planning our beach vacation for next summer. See, we go to the beach every other year. It's just too expensive for us to do it every year. And actually the last time we went was June 2007, so it'll be 3 years before we get back.

That kinda makes me sad. Three years since I have seen the beach. I see a big problem with that.

And I know we are very fortunate enough to be going on vacation at our age with 3 kids. Growing up we never went anywhere and if I did it was with my grandparents and it was to Maryland or Chicago to see family. I have many friends who are unable to go on vacation. So I do feel very blessed to be able to go.

Matt and I plan for it all year, starting January 1st. We decided to have the tax man with hold more taxes every pay so we can get a HUGE tax refund every year. And yeah yeah yeah I know all about us giving our money to the government and blah blah blah, but it works for us. We are able to buy MANY things with our tax return.

This year we already have a huge list including: trip to Virginia Beach, replace big bay window, new back yard wooden fence, 30th birthday party (think 80's prom/wedding reception) and about 5 other misc household repairs. So you can see that we get back a pretty hefty amount if we can buy all this and still have money leftover for fun stuff too!! I am already doing the tax return count down!

Well, enough about all that. I just thought it was fun that I was planning next years beach vacation.

And now for your viewing pleasure, here are a bunch of random pics from the last few weeks of my lovely summer. (Idlewild pictures and post are coming soon!!)

Here we are on the turnpike, it was soooo much fun!!

I made her try it on as soon as we got home from picking it up. I am such a nut case!

Chase running away from the fountains, he is deathly afraid of water, poor kid...

Landon getting soaked!! He had alot of fun

Well folks, until next time. (I really have to get better about this whole blogging thing. I'm still new and sometimes the computer sucks and I can't figure out things but I'm learning, just bear with me)