Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A nice letter to my Brother in Law........

Hi Jim,

Since I don't know your email address this is the only way to contact you. I think you are the biggest piece of crap on earth. You call your self a Christian but you are nothing more then an abusive man. Don't you think I see this day in and day out. You are controlling of everything my sister and your kids do. You force my sister to act a certain way, to dress a certain way, to talk a certain way. Let's get one thing straight, you are not the boss.


Please step down and let the real man do his job. I can't believe the position you have put my sister and your children in to. In my opinion since you don't physically beat my sister anymore, you are doing everything in your power to abuse her any other way you can. You have ruined this marriage. You have caused the pain and hurt. And yes I know that Amy is not innocent by far but you CAN'T CONTROL EVERYTHING.

Amy needs to be her own person. She needs to find out who she is. She has gone sooooo many years under your evil control and it's her time. You need to pack your things and go live with your mom. My sister needs to be in that house for the kids. The kids need a stable place to stay. And you sir are not stable, you are about one step away from joining a cult. You have unrealistic expectation's from Amy and the kids. You have made life miserable and your kids are suffering. You need to get out of that house and let my sister and the kids come back. They deserve a normal life. And if you ever threaten my sister or anyone in my family, you better pray God is on your side that day.

Your Loving Sister In Law,


PS - And I will find a way to help my sister in any way I can, so you can expect more of this to come.

So after almost 10 years of marriage my sister finally got the courage to stand up for herself and he is beating her down any way he can besides physically. I am getting so frustrated at this whole situation and maybe I shouldn't of written that email (which was left as a comment on his blog) and oh well. Some one needs to say these things to him, I was going to say a heck of alot more, but I could feel my blood pressure rising and felt that I needed to stop writing, cause I was about to say something very inapporiate.

Well, I have to get going back to work. I just had to vent for awhile. I may need to come back later!!


Anonymous said...

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