Sunday, July 19, 2009

Everything is gone....

Yep that's right everything is gone. Someone stole pretty much everything I own from my car. And please please please do not say "I told you so" when you find out I left my purse in the car, please!!

So Thursday night I get home from work and my awesome sister in law, Samantha, has taken ALL my kids to VBS and hubby is still at work. So I run out of the car leaving everything in it except my keys and cell.

So when hubby gets home we chat, then the SIL brings the kiddos back and we talk, then we have to do baths and night time stuff and just the typical end of day busy things and then off to bed I go.

So I have to be to work at 9am and at 935am I am finally walking out the door. I reach over to get something off the ledge of the porch and I can see into my car and my work notebook is laying on the passenger seat and I think to my self "why is that there? I didn't get into that last night" THEN I went to the car, opened the door, sat down looked over, and all I said was "SHIT". I get outta the car and go inside and calmly tell the babysitter someone broke in my car and stole my purse. I grab the phone book and call the non emergency police number. While I am waiting for them I call the bank to alert them that my debit card, checkbook, drivers license and all of out social security cards (yes, mine, hubby's and all 3 kids!! I had just been somewhere where they needed them and forgot to put them back in the house, remember don't yell at me, I have heard it enough the past 3 days). It's all GONE. I idiots actually went through the wallet taking things out like health insurance cards and store savings cards and threw them on the floor.
So mister nice policeman came and took my info and by then I was seriously late for work. So about 1015, I am finally in the car on the way to work. I pull into the gas station to get my morning cup o coffee and quickly realize you need money to pay for that sorta thing. So I was upset and decided to call a friend. As I was talking and driving (here's the good part), I looked at my ring finger and realized I forgot my wedding ring ($3000) and here's the kicker, it was inside my purse!!! Okay before I get hit with how stupid I am, let me explain. The evening before I was at work at the shelter and we don't have air conditioning. When it gets really hot sometimes my hands swell and well I'm not the skinniest person and my ring is kinda tight anyways and it was really starting too hurt so I took my wedding ring off and locked it up in the cabinet in my purse.

So at this moment I am talking on the phone, realized my ring was also stolen and went completely nuts IN MY CAR. A normal person would of pulled over but nope I kept on trucking.

After I got to work and calmed down, I called the insurance co and made a homeowners claim for it.

THEN, I went back out to the car to try and clean up some of the mess (yeah I got a pretty cool job like that). And that's when I realized they had also stolen my kids portable dual DVD player. Even though the cop asked me like 5 times and said "No officer, there is nothing else". So now I have to call them back and add a $3000 wedding ring and DVD players to the items stolen. He is seriously going to think I am full of shit.

So most of the day was spent at the bank opening new accounts, getting all the old stuff shut down (oh, and I ended up leaving at 1pm and taking some personal time) and running to Matt's work to give him the new direct deposit info. So I spent a good portion of the day running here and there and talking to 800 people on the phone.

THEN, it was finally night time, I went to go take my medicine and GUESS WHAT??? It was also in my purse. They took my antibiotic, Ultram and my IBS meds!!! So now on Monday, I have even more phone calls to make. I have to find out how to get all my meds replaced without having to pay full price for them.

And on the first day of my vacation we ALL have to go down to the Social Security building and get print outs of our numbers and reorder ALL our stupid cards, then I have to go down and get a new drivers license.

And pray to God that my new debit cards and stuff come before we actually leave for vacation, cause if not I am pretty much screwed.

So here's the weird part, I am more upset because these stupid people stole my kids DVD player then the wedding ring. I am absolutely fuming that they stole from my kids. Mess with me, that's fine, but don't you EVER mess with my kids. So now I am hoping to have my homeowners claim settled by July 27th, so I have enough time to go out and buy them another DVD player.

And on top of all this I am really depressed. I can't pull myself together. I have been crying all weekend, moping all weekend and I didn't even want to do anything all weekend.

I hope that's going to go away soon after everything gets back to normal.


Jen said...

I have left my purse in the car numerous times (unlocked) and so far I have lucked out. I am SO sorry to hear that this happened to you. My heart nearly skipped a beat when I read your ring was stolen. That is just horrible. I hope you get it all sorted out before you leave for your vacation.

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

So sorry you left your purse in the car and you were robbed. I do believe in karma. Just think positively that you still have your health and a beautiful family.

Shannon said...

Oh, no! That is horrible! I hope you get everything straightened out quickly.

Scope said...

Ouch, that sux beyond words.

Seriously, check eBay or the local pawn shop for the DVD player / Ring.