Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finally pics of Emma's new room!!

OK, so I know that I promised these like forever ago, but come on, you know how it is. I have been so busy with work and home and parties and life. We had an awesome 4th of July (I'll blog about that another day, maybe)

FYI - I took a new position at work - YEAH!! I am now going to be working Monday - Friday midnight to 8am. And yes I have thought about all the pros and cons. And I really think it's going to work. And it will save me 200 miles a week in gas cause the position is in the Akron shelter, which is 2.3 miles from my house!! (Right now I drive to Medina 4 days a week at 50 miles round trip). So that's my good news and now on to the good stuff.....

And here is my new scrapbbok station!! I am so excited cause I have shelves and a desk and a ton of other storage!!
And we can't forget my purse rack. I am not sure how many are actaully on there. And it may not seem like alot, but there are a ton underneath the bigger ones and let's not forget the ones in the back.


Scope said...

Congrats on the new job and the shorter commute, even if it is 3rd shift.

Thanks for the follow.