Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not much to say

So I am having a problem of finding things to blog about. I dont have awhole lot going on right now. We finally got a "new" car. It's a 99 Cherokee and it's not that bad. My hubby has a few things to fix on it and we have to get it painted ASAP. The hood and fenders are black and I do not want to continue to drive around like that. Then the heater, it only blows on high which is really annoying and loud, then the rear shocks, which again is a small problem but it sounds like it's going to fall apart, but hubby assured me it wasn't. Then the big thing to me is something called a steering stablizer. Right now when you turn the steering wheel an awful sound clicks and the steering wheel has trouble turning. Hubby bought that part last night and is waiting for the weather to not be so freezing, then he can replace that. He actually bought all the parts but only the steering thing was in stock, man I love the fact that he works at a place where he can get parts soooo cheap and pretty qucik. All the parts came to $100 and some change. So after he fixes the three little problems and it gets painted it will be a pretty nice car for me.

My friend Tara called me today and told me they are sending home the cheerleading sign up papers today for Emma. I am soooo excited. Last year they had 4 sign ups and we missed the first one, so we went to go to the second one and the last three where cancelled because they had to many girls sign up at the first one. This time I am going to show up a half hour early and wait there. I WILL get her signed up this year. I can't have her disappointed two years in a row. Oh, and for those of you that dont know, Tara is a teacher in the public school system where my daughter attends. She gives me the scoop and all the help I need with Emma. And she is a big help to me always.

And with Landon and the whole still peeing the bed thing, my monster in law told me that she heard that giving them a teaspoon on honey before bed will stop the bed wetting, so guess what, I went out today and bought some honey. I am going to try it tonight and see if it works. I usually don't take any advice from her but at this point I am willing to try anything.

Well, I had better get back to work. Gotta a busy day and lots of kids and women need my help :)