Sunday, January 11, 2015

Remember when......

I have decided to start a series about remembering the memories. I'll be posting stories of me, Matthew, the kids, world events....whatever strikes my fancy. I will be posting these whenever I remember a good story to tell.

Up first is a story about Landon. Landon and his potty seat. Landon is almost two and Chase is almost one in this story)

This is Landon and Landon's seat to his potty. This is Landon right after he put it over his head and ran over to me laughing. Of course I snapped a picture. Of course I laughed.

Then I told him it was time to take it off. He tried. Nope. I tugged. Nope.

See, what happened here is that the seat was just a little small for his head. If you tried to push it off the edges started scratching his face. (you can see in the picture it's smooth side down)

I did what any good mom would do. I sprayed him with some cooking spray. Nope. Didn't work.
I poured vegetable oil around his head. Nope. Didn't work.
I even took some butter out of the fridge and rubbed it over the edges. Nope. Didn't work.

At this point he started to freak out a little. Since it was during the day and during the week I called his doctor. They were like "uummmmm, yeah, we can't do anything, take him to the ER or call the fire department". So that's what we did. I took him to the ER.

I couldn't put a shirt on him so I decided to forget the pants too (it was summer). And based on that decision I decided to leave Chase in just a diaper too. I did put shoes on them. So that makes me an OK mom, right??

Anyways, back to the story. We get to the ER and walk in. The nurse at the counter doesn't look up at first. She just says "What does your ch........" obviously you can tell when she looks up. She doesn't even finish her sentence. She was just like "oh, ok, I see." and she tried very very hard not to laugh.

We didn't even have to do any paperwork or insurance or anything. They took us right back. (I'll throw in there was a slow day at the ER).

So here we are walking through the hallways. 2 boys only in diapers and shoes. One with the potty seat on his head. People were definitely smiling. Some even laughing out loud.

So to make this really long, but shouldn't be, story short. It ended up we went into a room. Landon had no less then 5-6 doctors in there and probably the same amount of nurses. All of them trying to get it off with out having to cut it off. They talked. The tried so many things.

It was actually very amusing. These are doctors and nurses who take care of the sickest kids, the worst diseases and no one could figure out how to get a potty seat off my kids head.

About half an hour of trying all sorts of things, one of the doctors brought in some kind of "super lube". He poured the entire bottle over his head. Four doctors then very slowly slid it over his head. It was like watching surgery. The doctors all communicated very effectively what each was doing.

In the end I was very thankful these medical professionals treated me and my kid with so much respect and attention. It's not that I was scared medically that something was wrong. I was scared that my kids would be scared - and I didn't want Landon to go to college with a potty seat stuck on his head.

So there ya have it. The first post in the "Remember When" series.

Hope you all enjoyed my sons antics!!! And trust me, so much more to come. Much much more!!