Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Randomness

Since I'm not shopping this Monday (cause I spent all my money over the weekend) I decided to let you in on the randomness that is my life. It's part of Cyber Monday over at Scope-Tech. Trying to get some new life into this blog. So for your viewing pleasure here is some awesome randomness.

1. My favorite way to sleep in bed is diagonal. Yup. Sideways. Best sleep I ever got.

2. I don't shower late at night. And I don't shower when no one is home. Why? Umm, because that's when people ALWAYS die in the movies. ALWAYS. And it's not going to happen to me.

3. Every single contact is my phone has a first name and last name is correctly capitalized.

4. My two favorite shows of all time are Roseanne and Gilmore Girls. I have the complete series of both and constantly make my husband watch them over and over. I even got my daughter hooked on Gilmore Girls!!

5. I've had 50,000 jobs. Well, not really but it feels like it. I have had quite the selection of jobs which I will now list some for your viewing pleasure:
short order cook (numerous places)
cook in nursing home
changed oil
sold insurance
worked for local utility company (worst job ever)
worked for local battered womens shelter (best job ever)
drug and alcohol testing
office manager (couple different places)
worked at a grocery store
worked for some guys from India (office work)
cleaned houses and offices
made pizzas
bread baker at a yummy place
I'm sure there are more but I can't remember all right now. Sad. Very sad.

6. I have to drink a cup of water in the morning before my coffee.

7. I am a planner. I have lists. I have calendars. Some people think it's awesome to make fun of me and mock me for that. My husband and I both work full time. We have kids in sports. I have one kid that goes to her dads on a regular basis. We like to do things. We have to budget our money correctly in order to pay bills and do things. Landon has appointments almost weekly. We have errands to run (groceries, gas, shopping, etc). So yeah, to keep my family organized I have daily to do lists. I typically start with a monthly calendar of all the big things. Then I break it down weekly then daily. Our life runs much smoother when we are all on the same page and all of us know what is the plan for the day. Landon especially needs it. I literally have to talk each day out with him. I have to be careful though. If I say something like "first we are going to Walmart then to the gas station" I have to do it in that order. That's just how his brain processes things.

8. I am a bargain hunter. I absolutely refuse to pay for price for just about anything. That includes food. I don't do much with coupons but I watch sales and shop at Aldi's. That how I do $75.00 budget a week for a family of 5 (breakfast, lunch, dinner and toiletries). We also eat out about 2 dinners a week. Not too shabby. All of our meals are definitely not gourmet meals. Sometimes they are not even all that healthy but it food in my babies bellies. And it's food they like and usually eat. I hate wasting money on meals that only 1 kid will eat. So for now I try to make food we can all eat and if that means having hot dogs and mac n cheese once a week then that's what we are going to do.

9. I usually sleep with one sock on and one sock off.

And the big number 10. I may be a little hard to handle. I am very outspoken. I rarely keep my emotions in. If I have something to say, I say it. Sometimes I fly off the handle. But I will tell you this, you stick around with me and I will show you move love, caring and compassion then you have ever seen.


Cora said...

I hear you on the bargain hunting thing. I have a purse full of coupons at all times. :-)

Shana M said...

Yay for 3 and 7 especially!!!!!!!!

Scope said...

We live across the street from an Aldi, and shop there only a couple of times a year.

And all my mp3's have the singer's name written properly, LastName, FirstName.